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    Why Are Our Car Prices Are So Affordable?

    In Singapore, although we are the number 1 most expensive city to own a car however all our cars come with COE (Certificate of Entitlement) which only allows all the cars to be on the road for 10 years. After 10 years of age, all our cars either need to renew COE (ranging USD $30,000 – $40,000) in order for the cars to be on the road for another 10 years or they need to be SCRAPED

    The cars that need to be scraped can also be exported or sell to so called exporters. However the prices are ridiculously low offered by the exporters. Hence SAC is here to eliminate layers of middleman and ensure that Singapore car owners are able to sell their cars directly to the End Car Owners who are also paying layers of commissions for their vehicles. The low prices are standard in Singapore. only singaporeans will know.

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    • 2018 July Shipping Freight Rate for Per Sedan Vehicle:  Bandar Abbas - USD$351, Beira, South Africa - USD$650, Aqaba - USD$395, Port Said West - USD$487, Karachi USD$197, Jebel Ali USD$195, Mombasa USD$401   For more information, please contact us via LIVE CHAT to find out more.

    • 2018 July Shipping Freight Rate for Per Sedan Vehicle:  Bandar Abbas - USD$351, Beira, South Africa - USD$650, Aqaba - USD$395, Port Said West - USD$487, Karachi USD$197, Jebel Ali USD$195, Mombasa USD$401   For more information, please contact us via LIVE CHAT to find out more.

    2018 July Shipping Freight Rate for Per Sedan Vehicle:  Bandar Abbas - USD$351, Beira, South Africa - USD$650, Aqaba - USD$395, Port Said West - USD$487, Karachi USD$197, Jebel Ali USD$195, Mombasa USD$401   For more information, please contact us via LIVE CHAT to find out more.

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    Car Sellers




    Okello (Zambia) – 16/05/2017

    Thankful for all. Best Regards

    Ezra (Mozambique)– 15/05/2017

    Very reliable.Communications was an A plus.Car is in excellent new condition.i would recommend and buy again.Thanks again

    Betty (Anguilla)– 15/05/2017

    I received the car in an excellent condition. The transaction went well only that the confirmation message for the funds was delayed alot bit. But all in all everything was just fine. Looking forward to do business again with you.

    Francis (Malawi)– 14/05/2017

    It was a good experience, I will return to buy another car! Note: improve the quality of photos of cars.

    Musana (Mozambique)– 14/05/2017

    Vehicles purchased through sellanycars are always safe because the payment is secured. Quality vehicles at exceptional prices.

    Munange (Trinidad and Tobago)– 13/05/2017

    impressed by how fast you do business also it was secured  

    Kagwa (Congo)– 13/05/2017

    My experience on sellanycars was a good one. My transaction went through with no problems. I definitely recommend using this website and I will use it again if I’m buying another vehicle.

    Kizza (Saint Lucia)– 12/05/2017

    My transaction was very good and secured with sellanycars and I get my unit with very good condition

    Kamanda (Tanzania)– 11/05/2017

    Thanks sellanycars for helping me get my dream car nite and clean no dents.

    Nsaba (Zambia)– 11/05/2017

    Being my first time buying a car from Singapore and is something I would certainly recommend to everyone with similar need, including buying from Meteor. The service was excellent and the communication was polite and responses to questions where rapid. Thank you for make it easy, the document, changed some details to my invoice was quickly than expected. In terms of the car, the condition of the car is similar to what was seen on pictures, I also had a great support and the MD of WALMAX Tanzania make the clearance work easily and quickly than expected, will highly recommend you all.

    Mao (Tanzania)– 10/05/2017

    I am very happy with sellanycars.

    Atubo (Mozambique)– 10/05/2017

    The transaction was great. sellanycars answered any questions i had.

    Lokodo (Bahamas)– 10/05/2017

    Very nice…

    Syda (Mozambique)– 09/05/2017

    It is not my first time to buy car from Japan, but sincerely it is my first time to use sellanycars The service was excellent and the communication was polite and response to questions where rapid. Thanks for make it easy and fast, tha invoice, documents and shipping was in time than expected. The condition of the car is similar to what was seen on pictures and descriptions in the sellanycars. I am promising to continue to do business with you in the near future. The service qas superbly.

    Sulaiman (Tanzania)– 09/05/2017

    Knowing that my payment was secure with sellanycars put my mind at ease. On top I got a good quality car.

    Stephen (Zimbabwe)– 09/05/2017

    The website was a perfect market place. The chat system creates confidence immediately you start negotiations. Payment is easy and the number of cars available makes your choices abundant. I will definitely use the website again.

    Samuel (Ireland)– 08/05/2017

    Best transaction ever

    Rukia (Zimbabwe)– 08/05/2017

    Transactions on sellanycars are transparent and straight forward. When doing business with sellanycars you can relax

    Sudhir (Tanzania)– 07/05/2017

    sellanycars is the best company since I bought my car very smoothly. The process was very nice, I received my car in a given time. Thank you so much sellanycars for the nice services you provide. You are untouchable..!

    Serapio (Tanzania)– 07/05/2017

    It was one of the smoothest International Transaction ever made, sellanycars is the site/company to recommend to any one who wish to import Car. The car is fantastic and every detail described on the wall is true. Looking forward for my next import soonest.

    Simon (Tanzania)– 07/05/2017

    It was fast and easy. The seller worked with my budget and we negotiated a price. I was also glad to know that my payment was secured until I received my item. sellanycars is awesome and I’ll definitely recommend it and use it again in the future.

    Seezi (Bahamas)– 06/05/2017

    This is my second purchase and both transactions were secure with quality purchase.

    Nduhura (Antigua and Barbuda)– 05/05/2017

    Bought a car with sellanycars for the second time and again was disappointed with the condition of the car. Wasted a lot of money getting the car home since it had a lot of problems and had to look for a truck to get the car home. sellanycars need to do something to protect its customers so that they keep on buying from them and refer new customers too. this car I bought even the seller knew the condition but but it seems it was like being dumped but I need to get value for my money

    Saleh (Zambia)– 04/05/2017

    Would recommend this website to anyone..its very trust worthy & great customer service! Thank you ? ps. pleased customer

    Raska (Cayman Islands)– 03/05/2017

    Dear sellanycars I serve this to thank for business I did with you, since I got the car and loved it so much, she is very comfortable hope that we continued to do together this business. Best regards

    Tito (Mozambique)– 03/05/2017

    I am generally pleased with the handling of the shipment and the outcome as I received exactly what I saw online.

    Kabwegyere (Antigua and Barbuda)– 03/05/2017

    I LOVE MY CAR! i bought it from sellanycars, and the communication was good, the car is almost in immaculate condition. Only problem I had was that it took sometime for me to get the car, but other than that it was smooth sailing! Thank you sellanycars for assisting me and giving an excellent product.

    Lule (Bahamas)– 02/05/2017

    Great site, this was my first online purchase was scared but after dealing with the seller and sellanycars, I would highly recommend. Good job guys keep it up!

    Yoweri (Trinidad and Tobago)– 02/05/2017

    The transaction was very secure and reliable,thanks to good customer care and safety assurance

    Kafabusa (Tanzania)– 02/05/2017

    No comment, sellanycars is among the best

    Mukwaya (Congo)– 01/05/2017

    The transaction was swift and I did not encounter any problems at all

    Kigongo (Zimbabwe)–01/05/2017


    Katuramu (Tanzania)–29/04/2017

    Everything about sellanycars is perfect.

    Kabilito (Malawi)–28/04/2017

    The sellanycars is very good company, because they make everything in security. When you buy a car and the sales change idea they refund you your money and same amount who they was receive from you. They call and talk to theme customers every time, and inform the shipping progress for vehicles. Please try to buy from sellanycarsand you will see when you received your vehicles in her condition who you was find in theme website. Best regards and i am still buy from sellanycars

    Jimiyu (Congo)–27/04/2017

    I’m grateful to the purchase and all the procedure on the negotiations.

    AjaruvaIsabirye (Mozambique)–26/04/2017

    No complains, everything was very quick and perfect.

    Kato (Mozambique)–26/04/2017


    Kabonesa (Uganda)–25/04/2017

    sellanycars approach is quite professional. They respond early to questions and our car was as per the description& pictures. I suggests extra care when dealing with those who will be buying through the internet for the first time.

    Alikuraira (Zimbabwe)–24/04/2017

    Thank you for this excellent transparent internet platform to purchase cars from the Singapore market. Most of the selling companies are very good in their business.

    Angorit (Germany)–20/04/2017

    I very much liked the service I received, it satisfies me to extent I shall return here to buy the next car. The car I bought looks good as new! Keep it up

    Balinda (Tanzania)–20/04/2017

    Buying a car through this web of sellanycars is the best, my money is secured, they check the car for me if it is the same car advertised or not, so you have a lot of choices to choose, so don’t gamble buy using sellanycars, Continue doing the good job guys

    Hiryangana (Zambia)–19/04/2017

    All was 100% perfect.

    Gonza (Mozambique)–18/04/2017

    sellanycars is a good company I’m about to purchase my third vehicle….. Very easy to buy and the staff are very helpful and concerned about any issues u have they keep a safety line between you and the seller…thanks sellanycars

    Alanyo (Bahamas)–18/04/2017

    Very professional

    Engemu (Antigua and Barbuda)–17/04/2017

    Car arrived and is in condition as stated on website, pleased with purchase

    Byangireeka (Tonga) –17/04/2017

    sellanycars Thank you for the awesome cars:VW Polo is our first car because of wonderful service we got previously my family is so happy to have bought a Nissan Blue Bird Sylphy from you again.Both cars are in excellent condition. Keep it up

    Emojung (Zimbabwe)–16/04/2017

    The car is perfect and running perfectly

    Ekellot (Tanzania)–15/04/2017

    Easy as ordering pizza online. I’m already ordering another one.

    Byanruhanga (New Zealand)–15/04/2017

    The car was good and delivered on time as per schedule given.

    Ejau (Zambia)–14/04/2017

    Thanks have received the and its a good items. Thank once again

    Karwana (Zimbabwe)–14/04/2017

    I Buy From sellanycars for client and myself I love how they help you with checking car and shipping Im From Aruba I always buy car form them ,!

    Byaitaka (Aruba)–14/04/2017

    i was so happy with the whole process and the car was very nice and in perfect condition exactly as it was described on the sellanycars website. will definately be doing more business with sellanycars in future and would definately recommend them to anyone from Zimbabwe. Much Love

    Bategeka (Zimbabwe)–13/04/2017

    Great service ! Very trustable site

    Matt (New Zealand)–13/04/2017

    Everything is reliable very nice car at reliable price. Communication is greater. I recommend friends to trade with sellanycars.

    Ekellot (Tanzania)–12/04/2017

    i have had a good experience with sellanycars. My car is now clocking two years without problems. Thanks Seruting and sellanycars for a quality car.

    Guatemala (Zambia)–12/04/2017

    Thank you for supplying me with this nice vehicle.the whole transaction was efficient and satisfying. i felt safe doing business with your company, and was satisfied with the quality of vehicle i received.It was just as i would have seen and bought through your company clean,low mileage and in good working condition.Attach is a photo of the vehicle been polished.am loving it thank you. Best regards

    Irumba (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)–11/04/2017

    Everything is good. The only problem is that sellers keep information from the buyer, for example, rust or corrosion, failing transmission etc…

    Gwandoya (Kenya)–11/04/2017

    This is my second time purchasing a vehicle from sellanycars and I can confidently say that the experience has been great. I recently managed to get a good deal while purchasing a Toyota Hilux Surf and I am extremely satisfied!

    Kisembo (Kenya) –11/04/2017

    I think it was more than good, as my first online Transaction i was at first kind of scared of receiving a wrong account number but because the email system is secure i was 50% confident. when i proved through the bank that it is the actual account number , i gained confidence, but i was very happy with information and communication given was 100% correct. Im so grateful.

    Brahma (Uganda) –10/04/2017

    I was much satisfied by the car i bought through sellanycars. The car is on top condition and it worthed the price.

    Dembe (Zimbabwe) –09/04/2017

    Transaction is very secured.

    Galabba (Tanzania) –08/04/2017

    Good day Team Your service is good I can’t complain .It is only that the seller needs to be told to deliver the vehicle with everything which we saw on the pictures that’s all .But your service is good.

    Hiryangana (Zimbabwe) –08/04/2017

    Overall, Poor service. This is the worst experience I have ever had in purchasing a car. Please don’t waste your money or time.

    Kigongo (Bahamas) –07/04/2017

    sellanycars is the best it was my first time buying a car online and they made it feel safe,the cars are beautiful they keep you informed and updated the live online support is so helpful its great thank you sellanycars I’m happy and looking forward to buying some more cars from you this is coming all the way from Bahamas

    Kacancu (Bahamas) –07/04/2017

    Amazingly the car arrived fast, and was more than i expected, thanks the Checking service on sellanycars.

    Acanit (Uganda) –07/04/2017

    My experience with sellanycars was excellent! Every step of ordering the car was straight forward I had no issues atall! Communication with the seller was excellent! The transferring was good! And when I received the car it was Amazing! The exact same car no different! Clean and secured! I’m a first time buyer won’t have no problem ordering from this site again! Thanks. Car was in excellent condition!! Happy Customer!

    Kabilito( Bahamas) –06/04/2017

    My transaction was smooth thanks to sellanycars for making sure my transactions were safe and for the free that made me receive a quality car as specified by the seller and was very cooperative in the whole process of the transaction and my clearing Agents Walmax freight Fowarders in Tanzania.

    Karutunda (Tanzania) –05/04/2017

    happy to have negotiated with sellanycars, and the car is in perfect conditions.

    Enani (Mozambique) –05/04/2017

    Being a first buyer on sellanycars, I can truly say that I was impressed with their system of doing business and I am truly happy with my purchase! I intend to do alot more business with sellanycars as this has all been a rewarding experience for me! Thanks again!

    Bikutwala (Saint Lucia) –04/04/2017

    My item is very nice and reliable, that I have Driven it 1000 km from the port with no problem

    Kamoga (Tanzania) –04/04/2017

    the transaction was transparent from end to end. very satisfied with the service

    Adongo (Zambia) –04/04/2017

    Wonderful site

    Begumisa (Spain) –03/04/2017

    Wide range of selection…reasonable prices and big stock

    Kajuga (Tanzania) –03/04/2017

    Overall i am satisfied with the whole buying process and the vehicle. The only one issue i am not satisfied about is the fact that no photo was taken to show that the car does not have a radio/am,fm. During the process of purchasing, i asked about the same but was not given a direct answer. Otherwise everything else is as expected. . Thankyou too sellanycars for ensuring that you follow up with the sellers to deliver on their obligation

    Ephraim (South Sudan) –03/04/2017

    Great website to communicate with sellers. I would defiantly use sellanycars again

    Kamuntu (Bahamas) –01/04/2017

    Very happy with the service from sellanycars. The car I bought arrived as described and I’m very pleased with it.

    Eriya (United Kingdom) –01/04/2017

    Efficient and reliable than none.

    David Wakinona (Malawi) –30/03/2017

    Just to say Thank you to sellanycars. When i start the dream and today i’m verry happy the see my dream on live. The car came on time, safely and like i saw the car on pictures everything is on good conditions. Again Thank you

    Nnaggenda-Musana (Congo) –29/03/2017

    The process was swift and easy. Very safe and secured. I will most definitely be back!

    Kategaya (Bahamas) –29/03/2017

    Reliable and trusted.

    Fred Ruhindi( Zambia) –28/03/2017

    Transaction was easy. Seller was very pleasant and patient.

    Chameleone (Saint Kitts and Nevis) –28/03/2017

    I like the transactions on sellanycars because I feel confident that my money is safe and I am sure of the Car delivery.

    Beatrice Wabudeya (Kenya) –28/03/2017

    Very Good !

    Francis Butagira (Reunion) –27/03/2017

    My unit is so good ,i really suggest other custom to purchase car through this company

    Olara-Okello (Tanzania) –27/03/2017

    The search engine for cars is very easy and the sellers are trust worthy.

    Emmanuel Otala (Zambia) –27/03/2017

    car is in great shape, communication with dealer was also without any problem. great deal ?

    Betty Bigombe (Czech Republic) –26/03/2017

    .I’m happy with all my purchases at sellanycars, my money is secure, my correspondence is secure and all documents and invoices are secure. In addition sellanycars has the best qualities of cars. sellanycars is my home because it respects delivery and treats its customers with respect. Thank you very much .

    Bazilio (Congo ) –26/03/2017

    I am satisfied with this purchase of vehicle operation I performed with sellanycars. My impression is positive being Sales Manager of a Congolese company said Jews Trading import of vehicles. To all our customer I still reassures once sellanycars is a safe company that makes the best to be to satisfy .

    Emmanuel (Congo) –25/03/2017

    Transaction is very good,keep it up guys

    David Oyite-Ojok (Zimbabwe) –24/03/2017

    sellanycars is a safe place to purchase a car. The security of the money is guaranteed. I purchased the a Nissan AD through sellanycars and it was shipped and directly arrived as scheduled. If you decide to buy through sellanycars never accept any negotiations that are not through sellanycars.

    Fred Mukisa (Kenya) –23/03/2017

    Mighty sellanycars is a good seller.Highly recommended.The only problem was when attaching the documents,they took photos of some of the documents and were not clear.This caused a bit of tension. Next time please scan and send all original documents. PDF Format is good enough.Otherwise Car was as good as advertised,Communication was good and in time,Price was fair.Keep it up

    Kiyonga (Uganda) –22/03/2017

    It is very good car but not what I exactly wanted or ordered. Next time please send me the correct item.

    Daudi Migereko (Malawi) –22/03/2017

    i loved the cars i gotten from sellanycars so far….and it was very easy and simple an i highly recommend this site to all my friends and family…these are two of my recent purchases and my personal cars…. and once again…thank you

    Crispus (Bahamas) –22/03/2017

    The first reason is Security of your investment, the messaging system where sellanycars has visibility give a sense of security to the buyer. The second on is that, sellanycars sells quality cars. Areas you can improve include 1. Find good HD cameras for capturing the vehicle’s being sold. 2. Capture all details of the car e.g HID lights,1000kgs,Number of Doors,listing period 3. Include the things mentioned above on the Android app, coz I also use the App 4. Reprimand sellers that want to control the buyer, let buyers have freedom of accepting or denying the offer

    Bakabulindi (Malawi) –21/03/2017

    Yes, highly recommended website , i am a happy Customer

    Christine Kitumba( Ireland) –21/03/2017

    transaction was smooth, i made payments by TT from my local bank in Uganda, after 2 days the money was reflected on sellanycars account, which made the seller to quickly arrange shipment, my Unit arrived safely in perfect condition. am glad.

    Ezra Suruma (Uganda) –21/03/2017

    This is my second car from sellanycars, i would encourage everyone looking to buy a car to buy only from sellanycars because quality, safety and reliability are guaranteed.

    Charles Mbire (Zambia) –20/03/2017

    Good bisiness

    Benjamin (Burundi) –19/03/2017

    Satisfied to shop with you

    Fred Omach (Tanzania) –19/03/2017

    The car was in excellent condition when received, and is a pleasure to drive.

    Charles (New Zealand) –19/03/2017

    It has been my first time to do transaction with sellanycars. I was impressed by the quality of your services and exactness of information provided. I negotiated the price, then followed the required procedures and finally got my car chipped at Dar es salaam in an acceptable time frame. However, I would like to mention that the volume control device on the steering wheel is not working at all. This should have been brought to my attention in advance. However, I do appreciate the car, it runs great and is in a very good condition.Thank you sellanycars; I wish to send this message to those who are hesitating to start using this company. All the best and do not hesitate to update us on any opportunity of promotion or any other campaign in benefit of your clients. Regards

    Busingye Kabumba (Congo) –18/03/2017

    I love the car I purchased. These are the cars trending in our country. The RUSH is the car for now. My car is beingenvied by all my friends and workmates. Expect more orders from my associates. Everyone who sees it gets impressed.

    Kakooza (Zambia) –17/03/2017

    Its my first time i buy a car from sellanycars. And it was easy. Each step you have to make was explaint by the site.So there was no problem to do it buy your self. Easy and confortable. Great site

    Bright Rwamirama (Luxembourg) –17/03/2017

    Convenient online bussiness platform

    Katureebe (Kenya) –17/03/2017

    There was a point I thought my money was stolen because the payment didn’t go through by due date so the saker canceled the deal after i paid. The way sellanycars handled my case was very professional and transparent. I would recommend any one to trust this company and be assured that you buying thorough a company that would not disappoint you. Thanks you so much sellanycars for your support and transparency in all transactions I had with you.)

    Bart Magunda (Zambia) –17/03/2017

    It was safe and secure. The seller though can improve in shipping

    Ojara (Kenya) –16/03/2017

    I’m happy with sellanycars services and there are a lot of options and diversity of cars. I’ll recommend to others.

    Emmanuel Amey (Mozambique) –16/03/2017

    Thanks for doing business with you, you are great and good

    Joseph Odoki (Zambia) –15/03/2017

    Best thing about sellanycars is transaction is very secure, useful customer support and their car info check services is so good. This is my second time ordering on sellanycars and both were a success

    Assumpta( Tonga) –15/03/2017

    My Transaction on sellanycars was safe and cheap.

    Tumusiime( Congo ) –15/03/2017

    Transaction is very secure! Just need to follow the buying steps!! I will definitive buy again with sellanycars!!! sellanycars Recommended by me, a happy buyer!!!

    Onek Aruba(Zambia) –11/03/2017

    Thank you very much sellanycars for the wonderful services you offer. Keep it up and so far you are the best when it comes to International car deals.

    Emmanuel -Mutebile (Zambia) –11/03/2017

    The Multi-function Steering Wheel Controls were not working. The Washer reservoir bottle was broken.

    Isaac Musumba (Cayman Islands) –11/03/2017

    Strictly confidential, Secure, affordable and appropriate

    Hope Mwesigye (Uganda) –10/03/2017

    This is the 2nd car I buy from sellanycars without any problem. I really like the sellanycars transaction system that protects my money. I recommend sellanycars to all wishing to buy Singapore cars online safely.

    Stanley( Congo) –10/03/2017

    The transaction is very secure and went smoothly. If someone want to buy a car and you are worried about online shopping do it through trade car cooperation and really you won’t have pressure risen for your transaction. In sellanycars you will have massive choices of varieties of cars from big number of sellers and you will negotiate with many sellers till you rich to your perfect car and reasonable price. Thanks

    Hilary (Tanzania) –09/03/2017

    sellanycars is the best online car market.There is peace of mind because of transparency at every stage. Great !

    Gagawala (Zambia) –09/03/2017

    There was a wide range of choice of cars and the price was reasonably low. Only to improve the shipment delays.

    Henry Oryem Okello (Tanzania) –09/03/2017

    nice car

    George Wilson (Bahamas) –08/03/2017

    To me sellanycars is the best website in Singapore to buy quality vehicles. When you make payment for the vehicle you are assured of total security of your money. When you think of buying a good quality vehicle in Singapore use sellanycars and you are not going to be disappointed.

    Henry Morton( Zambia) –08/03/2017

    Am a very satisfied customer the car is in tiptop condition and the security of payments so good Were you pay direct to car view and it’s only remitted to the car seller after all documents are done and the shipment.

    Godliver (Zambia) –07/03/2017

    I think buying a car on sellanycars has now become safer compared to the past. It is good that sellanycars now keeps the money and will only release it to the dealer/seller upon confirmation of shipping arrangements by the seller to the buyer. This way the buyer is guaranteed that the vehicle he purchases will indeed be delivered. I must confess I lost money buying from 2 different dealers that advertised on sellanycars . I have bought few units since then and I have not been disappointed in my dealings on sellanycars . This could probably be attributed to the changes they made that guarantee a payment.

    Businge( Zambia) –06/03/2017

    I am very pleased with the quality of the vehicle I received and the communication was very Professional and helpful.Thank you very much

    Godfrey Binaisa (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines) –06/03/2017

    item received on time

    Idi Amin Dada( Tanzania) –06/03/2017

    Its good cars from your company

    Gilbert (Tanzania) –06/03/2017

    Am an outstanding customer for sellanycars web site and I have never encountered any problems whatever. Your web site is very safe with secure payments and quality cars.

    Bukenya (Zambia) –05/03/2017

    My transaction was so nice with zero strass because of sellanycars help and my payment was also secure and Promise to continue doing business with sellanycars

    Geoffrey Oryema (Malawi) –05/03/2017

    Thank you for giving me time to say my opinion. At the beginning things went as expected. After payment things changed.It seems the seller sell the sold item to someone else and they didn’t want to be honest. After forcing them to tell the truth finale they gave me non-sense excuses. Then after I choose another unit from a different seller (Safari Direct). This seller deserves a golden medal. I would like to advise you when it comes to the issue like what happened to me, the seller should be responsible and not a customer.

    Kanyeihamba (Tanzania) –05/03/2017

    sellanycars should try to find out viable strategies that will protect both the seller and the buyer. At present,there are some loopholes that dishonest sellers use to trick buyers with no any legal enforcement or punishment inflicted upon them by sellanycars. Overall, sellanycars is the best online marketplace in Singapore. I recommend it to other buyers

    Galdino Moro Okello (Tanzania) –04/03/2017

    Doing business through sellanycars is the most safest way of buying a vehicle. One is assured of getting the right car advertised.

    Henry Bagiire (Zambia) –03/03/2017

    Feeling much secure to do transactions on sellanycars since there is 100% security of your fund and guarantee for refund of your money in case of anything to the unit purchased. James

    Wambuzi (Tanzania) –03/03/2017

    sellanycars is reliable and you can buy good quality vehicles, also when purchasing a car your money is secured. The transaction is always good.

    Gabriel Opio (Zambia) –03/03/2017

    i must confess that the vehicle is looking great and engine works well. However, I was disappointed that the suspension rubbers had to be changed as well as the car battery but most disappointingly is the rear lights. The right side rear light was changed and the replacement was a wrong one. I now must find the correct light for the back. Disappointed.

    Dominica(Uganda) –03/03/2017

    The Transaction on sellanycars was secure and fast.

    Nduhura (Uganda) – 28/02/2017

    The customer service was excellent and the car arrived within the given time with necessary updates. It was in the condition as described and everything was clean and running well. Thanks sellanycars!

    Serapio (Saint Kitts and Nevis) – 28/02/2017

    Awesome transaction and options!! A must use for purchasing vehicles quickly and safely!! Thanks again sellanycars

    Rukia (Bahamas) – 28/02/2017

    Bought this car. The exterior is as described. The engine is no good from day one. I messaged sellanycars so they could help in anyway possible. They began to help through the help desk and then went silent. Contacting the shipper is useless. I have not been able to use the car from the day I received it. It requires a new engine. With the silence and not willing to help I conclude the shipper especially is very dishonest and i would not recommend them to anyone. If things should change as it relates to my case I would write a more favourable feedback. I still hope that honesty and good will prevail to renew my hope in care view. In addition my many friends faith also in the company. Many want to buy from the company but they are waiting to see the outcome of my case.

    Rugunda (Saint Lucia) – 28/02/2017

    It was my first time to deal with sellanycars. My interaction with sellanycars has been very good. I will be recommending my friends who want to buy a car to sellanycars. The staff are very professional an always eager to assist.

    Latek (Malawi) – 28/02/2017

    I like buying cars from sellanycars as the dealers are good at communication and they allow us to negotiate. This means that even with a small amount of money I can afford to buy a car from sellanycars. In 2016 I bought a Dhaihatsu hijet 1997 and a Corona Premio 2001. So I hope to buy more cars in 2017 as I am a transporter of people and goods in Uganda. I expect more discounts, updates, cheaper cars in good condition and more communication.

    Ahabwe (Uganda) – 28/02/2017

    I bought a Honda Vezel from a car dealer on sellanycars. Once I had received the car I figured there were few things not right. 1. The advertisement promised fully functional car audio system however that didnt work at all. 2. Noticed that the clockspring/spiral cable in the steering wheel as broken 3. No air bags in front steering wheel. I was continuously messaging and receiving messages from the seller regarding resolving these issues untill the messaging service expired notification came and I could no longer liaise with seller on the pending issues.The seller was obviously using delaying tatics to get away with this. Note due to the issues I had NOT pressed the received item when I received the car because I wanted seller to resolve these issues first before I confirm. I am not happy why sellanycars released payment to seller when I hadnt pressed ‘ received item’.

    Perezi (Fiji) – 28/02/2017

    Excellent customer relations.

    Omwony (Zambia) – 27/02/2017

    This site was easy to navigate and the seller responded quickly.The car came quickly and looked better than described.I’m happy with this purchase and will be purchasing again soon.

    Lukwiya (Bahamas) – 26/02/2017

    secure transaction

    Adrisi (Tanzania) – 25/02/2017

    Payment was 100% secured.

    Mutagamba (Tanzania) – 25/02/2017

    Safe payment was King

    Janani (Saint Kitts and Nevis) – 25/02/2017

    First time I buy a car by sellanycars I found it reliable and secure and good staff members and you can negotiations with them and deal with them till the last minutes I really recommend sellanycars good company thank you.

    Adety (Ireland) – 24/02/2017

    I am very happy with sellanycars

    Mwesigwa (Mozambique) – 24/02/2017

    It was my first time to deal with sellanycars

    Luwum ( Congo)– 24/02/2017

    When the seller fails to ship and the refund is required the seller should bear cost of all bank charges the buyer had sent the money with plus all the cost of refund. and the seller be fined to compensate the buyer for time/resource wastage

    Kony ( Zambia)– 24/02/2017

    Thanks sellanycars very much, it was my first time to buy on line but you fulfilled my expectation 110%. Everything was as promised on the website, online customer service was awesome, I recommend everyone to use sellanycars, my first time impression was great. The car itself is in top form thanks guys

    Nattubu Tsekoko (Uganda) – 23/02/2017

    Our Church and school needed a good quality bus that was not expensive to purchase and operate. We searched many sites and companies and finally decided to buy through sellanycars. The thing about buying a vehicle via the internet is the uncertainty that you will not be scammed by fake sites and/or sellers. sellanycars silences many of those fears by providing a safe and money back system that provides peace of mind. They seem to have the buyers best interest at heart. Very good experience. Thanks sellanycars.

    Rukutana (Antigua and Barbuda) – 22/02/2017

    Very good service and very clean cars in sellanycars for buyers

    Joseph (Netherlands Antilles) – 22/02/2017

    I am totally impressed with this site. They make sure that your transactions and interactions with the seller are secure. They sell quality cars at an affordable price, and my beautiful first car arrived on the exact day that they promised it would! Would definitely recommend them.

    James Baba (Bahamas) – 22/02/2017

    Thank you very much for the best price and good good quality car I truly say the best company to do business with.Please my regards to the dealer the communication back and forth. Was very good and pleasant so I look forward in doing more business with you.

    Buganda (Bahamas) – 22/02/2017

    I received my car Radio not working rear bumper scrateched front bumper scratched this was not on the website pictures of the car

    Joseph Mulenga (Zimbabwe) – 19/02/2017

    Reliable service and timely

    Mutesa Buganda (Uganda) – 19/02/2017

    It was great no problem what so every with my car i would definitely buy more cars on sellanycars

    Mustafa Bonaire (Sint Eustatius and Saba) – 18/02/2017

    Try to service your car where possible, because most your car need intensive maintenance before using them, so it cost a lot

    John Wilson (Tanzania) – 18/02/2017

    The transaction went smoothly. The seller was able to respond in a timely manner. The site is easy to navigate. And sellanycars are always available to assist in the decision process.

    John Ssebaana Kizito (Saint Lucia) – 18/02/2017

    It was an excellent transaction

    Muljibhai Madhvani (Zambia) – 18/02/2017

    sellanycars is one of the best one stop shop for all my car needs. I got a quality and clean honda fit.

    Jessica Eriyo (Kenya) – 16/02/2017

    I bought a Toyota Coaster from Ryuso Banking through sellanycars by negotiating with lee and we came to a fix price which I was happy about.After sending the money the next day I got a reply from Lee that the money came through sellanycars account, so he would do the Inspection test and start the booking of the Vehicle with the shipping company, at that time I felt at ease and said here’s a man who’s in a hurry to do business, after seven weeks I receive the vehicle,took it home and started cleaning and working on the suspension Bushing rubbers to get it back in working condition. thank you Lee and sellanycars

    Mayanja (Saint Lucia) – 16/02/2017

    It was great, no complaint

    Muhammad Kibirige( Malawi) – 16/02/2017

    This is my 3rd car from sellanycars and no regrets.

    Moses Ndiema Kipsiro( Zimbabwe) – 15/02/2017

    The transaction was very smooth and shipment was fast. Ship arrived ahead of schedule and car was as described.

    Miria Obote (Canada) – 15/02/2017

    Thanks I have received my bus but there is no wheel spanner and Jack but the bus arrived safely. I need another bus from your company I liked the your service.

    Milton Obote (Tanzania) – 15/02/2017

    Very pleased with sellanycars service, much appreciated. This car works and runs great.

    James Wapakhabulo (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines) – 14/02/2017

    The car came earlier than expected and it had a few scratches not from shipping that wasn’t mentioned but besides that everything is perfect. I love my new car!!

    James Munange Ogoola (Cayman Islands) – 14/02/2017


    Mildred Barya (Tanzania) – 14/02/2017


    Maria (Mozambique) – 14/02/2017

    not very happy with the whole transaction as the seller lyed about the car to be in perfect condition yet the car is overheating, one foglight is missing, it has issues with the funbet. i need to be compasated for this!

    Matia Kasaija (Zambia) – 13/02/2017

    Transaction is secured and safe. Looking forward for more business.

    Egonda Ntende (Zambia) – 12/02/2017

    All was very smoothly done and the machine was clean and without faults at all.

    Martin Stephen (Zambia) – 11/02/2017

    I like sellanycars the money transaction is safe, the website is easy to navigate the sellers are friendly and quickto respond they are very helpful. Cars could be bargained or bought cheap. There is a agent that helps out 24 hours a day to explained what needed to be done or what is your next step. Over all I am very pleased with the services offered at sellanycars. Thank you.

    Mahmood Mamdani( Bahamas) – 11/02/2017

    Save , secure and reliable.

    John Nasasira (Solomon Islands) – 11/02/2017

    Hello, I bought a car but unbeknown to me, the car had a engine knock even though it went through JEVIC and was certified good. I sincerely doubt the integrity of the inspection. Regards  

    Michael Kawalya Kagwa (Zambia) – 11/02/2017

    Satisfied in negotiations and delivery time.

    Matthew (Congo) – 10/02/2017

    Feeling secured by using sellanycars.

    John Byabagambi (Myanmar) – 10/02/2017

    Am just very happy

    John Akii-Bua (Zimbabwe) – 08/01/2017

    Transaction was awesome and has been.

    Kizza Besigye (Zambia) – 10/02/2017

    I really like the car i purchased from sellanycars. The design of it reach my expectations. The only thing sellanycars needs to improve is about logistics services, specially for car with final destination DRC.

    Kiddu Makubuya (Congo) – 10/02/2017

    Transaction was okay though the company delayed to shop the vehicle but my major concern was on the rims and the tyres they are totally different with the original pics they put on the website so is it possible

    Ken Lukyamuzi (Uganda) – 09/02/2017

    Web site is easy and clear to follow. Easy to find the vehicle type you are looking for.

    Kamanda Bataringaya (New Zealand) – 08/02/2017

    Use of sellanycars protects the buyer and seller from possible fraud. Excellent service for internet transactions.

    Kabalega (United Kingdom) – 08/02/2017

    Overall overview splendid and satisfied with all services.Thanks.

    Jessica (Alupo Kenya) – 08/02/2017

    The facilities on the site make it easy to communicate with sellers in a timely fashion making transactions quick and easy especially when communicating in different languages. Overall I am satisfied with my purchase and would happily recommend sellanycars to anyone. My only request is that sellers provide more accurate shipping information or give access to free website that can accurately track vessels carrying the purchased vehicle, the shipping date of arrival at dar es salaam given to me was for 22nd July, however, the vessel actually arrived in dar on the 28th of July.

    Kakira (Zambia) – 08/02/2017

    The transaction was hastle free, and knowing that there’s money back guarantee in case you don’t get your car puts your mind at ease. There’s a wide selection of cars to satisfy different budgets. I would recommend anyone to buy cars on sellanycars  

    Kahinda Otafiire (Zimbabwe) – 05/02/2017

    sellanycars should among others, consider adding Car Status/Tracker (on website via email account) on the purchased vehicle. This should be updated as and when necessary to help customers know whether booking of ship or loading and departure of the ship has taken place. This will also reduce the anxiety in customers on the status of the purchased cars after sellanycars confirms receipt of the money.  

    Namuyangu (Malawi) – 05/02/2017

    It's the first car I bought through sellanycars, it always wanted a Toyota bB but wanted to do the import on my own. sellanycars is easy to use and makes it possible to buy a car almost easy like buying a book online. Fully recommend it and it and won’t be my last transaction through sellanycars

    Jennifer (Germany) – 05/02/2017

    nice to do business with you people

    Jeje Odongo (South Sudan) – 04/02/2017

    Transaction was safe and secure. They provided chat room to allow you to maintain contact with the seller which is great and they also give you tips to spot if the seller is a fraud.  

    Museveni (Uganda) – 04/02/2017

    imported my car from Singapore to new zealand. the car i bought is the same as the car that was on the picture.although you have to translate the auction sheet by yourself im still satisfied.  

    Janet (New Zealand) – 04/02/2017

    The transaction was smooth

    Pumla Kisosonkole (Kenya) – 03/02/2017

    Was nice to trade with sellanycars

    Okot p’Bitek (Tanzania) – 03/02/2017

    All I can say is this is a genuine car trading site. I received my car in good shape and I did not want to leave any feedback before I tested the car. I got my car a year ago and have had no problems since then.

    Phiona Mutesi( Zambia) – 03/02/2017

    At first I was frustrated after sellanycars cancelled the contract to the seller I had chosen the car from. I was given two options, to be refunded the money net of bank charges or chose another car. I chose another car but the price was higher than my initial car. I negotiated for the price and sent an additional amount to settle the invoice at the agreed price. The company did not disappoint me; they delivered to my expectation and I am so thankful  

    Olara Otunnu (Malawi) – 02/02/2017

    Excellent services, keep it up

    Okello Oculi (Tanzania) –01/02/2017

    This my site to purchase vehicles. This was the second vehicle i bought within the past two year and I am now looking at a third. Site is easy and great to select and purchase the car of your choice. i rate this site 5 Stars of 5 stars

    Peter Lokeris (Saint Kitts and Nevis) – 01/02/2017

    Am very impressed with this Benz. The car came very neat and intact. It took 14 days to arrive in Tanzania, which was too quick. I wont hesitate to recommend anyone to transact with sellanycars. Thank you sellanycars.  

    Nsaba Buturo (Zambia) – 01/02/2017

    The car was delivered in good time,had no problems with the seller but i was not happy with the condition of the tyres.it came with wornout tyres.There was also no wheel spanner. But generally the car is in a good state.  

    Norbert Mao (Zambia) – 01/02/2017


    Paulo Muwanga (Wallis and Futuna Islands) – 29/01/2017

    Thanks Team for your support and great customer care,I really enjoyed doing business with you and what I can promise sellanycars Team is that I will recommend sellanycars even to other people who wants to archive their dream by driving their dream car..!Thanks once again ?? God bless you    

    Patrick Etolu (Tanzania) – 26/01/2017

    I used this site first time and i highly recommended for any new customers too. Safety and easy to manage.

    Ojwok (United Kingdom) – 26/01/2017

    Thank you very much… I received the car safely

    Kamunanwire (Zambia) – 21/01/2017

    Transactions using sellanycars are secure and efficient. I received my car in good time and condition. This was the second time I was using sellanycars and I am looking forward to future transactions. Thank you.

    Perez (Kenya) – 21/01/2017

    Very accomodative transaction. The seller very flexible and responded to all enquires timely.

    Omara Atubo (Malawi) – 21/01/2017

    I was very satisfied with the transaction on sellanycars because of the very efficient and reliable service that it offers to customers.This is the second vehicle I have ordered on sellanycars because the services it offers are valid. I will certainly continue to do more business on sellanycars and recommend it to other potential customers. May you continue to keep up the good work and I would like to wish you lots of success in your future undertakings

    Pyarali Merali (Saint Lucia) – 21/01/2017

    Thank you very much ,satisfied with the car.

    Odong (Cyprus) – 20/01/2017

    I bought 2 cars, using your platform. Only yesterday I was little surprised, that a car what I have paid two weeks ago was newly offered by sellanycars. But I think that was a system failure. I informed customer service right away and the stock was canceld immediatly.

    Simon Lokodo (Germany) – 19/01/2017

    sellanycars is the best website that you can get quality cars on the best price than local price. I recommend this website to to everyone who can’t afford $10,000  

    Syda Bbumba (New Zealand) – 19/01/2017

    Transaction went smoothly seller is reliable and honest  

    Sulaiman Madada( Zimbabwe) – 18/01/2017

    I think my transaction was quite smooth.  

    Sudhir Ruparelia (Kenya) – 18/01/2017

    Payment is secure.

    Stephen Mallinga (Zimbabwe) – 09/01/2017

    am happy about the services provided everything was done professional

    Shimit Amin (Tonga) – 09/01/2017

    I am happy about the services provided everything was done professional

    Shimit Amin (Tonga) – 09/01/2017

    Nice car

    Rukundo Rukia (Bahamas) – 09/01/2017

    I take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent service. The car came as it was in the description and in very good condition.You are doing good and keep up. The only issue is that the rear electric door is not opening when I press key on the remote and on the car.I will have it checked may be its a fuse. I am very satisfied and soon I will get another unit from you.

    Serapio Chekamondo (Uganda) – 08/01/2017

    It is secure and reliable

    Isanga (Kenya) – 08/01/2017

    The transaction was very smooth, however I didn’t receive the spare tire neither a jack for it.

    Samuel Kutesa (Bahamas) – 08/01/2017

    The car purchased is good just as seen in the pictures.

    Ruhakana (Uganda) – 08/01/2017

    I find the sellanycars website to be user-friendly and I love the chat icon which appears while you are browsing the site. I did chat with a few representatives regarding my payment. They were helpful but they needed to improve their response time. It took some of them more than a few minutes before answering my questions. They needed to work on their empathy as well. But I was satisfied with their answers after each chat. I was pleased with Customer Support and their prompt responses to my messages. I appreciate their courteousness and assistance to make sure that I communicated with the seller to ensure a smooth and successful transaction. I love the fact I was able to negotiate the price with the seller. I highly recommend this website to anyone here who wishes to purchase a vehicle from Singapore. I will use sellanycars again to import my next vehicle. I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you!!!!

    Simon D’Ujanga (Aruba) – 07/01/2017

    The transaction through sellanycars was smooth without any hitches. I negotiated with the seller and agreed on the final price. I paid for the car through sellanycars and their associates which is secure. Thank you sellanycars. I look forward to purchasing another vehicle through you in future. Thank you  

    Seezi Mbaguta (Kenya) – 07/01/2017

    I am very glad to received my car i bought from Singapore through sellanycars. The car is in a good condition. Indeed sellanycars is a best sellers of the cars because first all transactions is well secured no one can interrupt, their cars are in a good conditions. I prefer to use sellanycars in the near future to buy another car, Thank you very much!!

    Salim Saleh (Tanzania) – 06/01/2017

    sellanycars is a site that I recently started using and I have very good experience, an excellent testimony for sellanycars .

    Tarsis Kabwegyere (Congo) – 04/01/2017

    The car is sooo amazing, the vendor was very very polite and sincere. The car I actually received was much better in reality than it was on paper. I was a little hesitant to pay for the $99 Bid price but turn out I’m so happy with my purchase. I save so much buying from Singapore than in Japan. But shipment wise is longer than Japan though. However it is worth the wait.

    Werikhe Kafabusa (Uganda) – 03/01/2017

    It was great doing business on this platform and there is room for improvement for clients to get the best deals.

    Yusuf Lule (Zambia) – 04/01/2017

    sellanycars is the answer if you want a used car from Singapore

    Raska Lukwiya (South Sudan) – 07/01/2017

    When i first saw sellanycars.net I dont believe the prices online. I thought it was a scam. But knowing that if i pay via paypal, i can refund back my money, i decided to give it a try. You wont believe it, the car prices are real. And i received my car in good condition. I have been buying from japanese site for the past years and i will definitely buy it from Singapore now. Maybe because Singapore road is too good, the car condition and price is too good to be true

    Usama Mukwaya (Uganda)

    The communication was good and i got the exact car i ordered. I was a little skeptical about the prices at first. It is way too cheap compared to Japan sites but to my surprise, i paid for exactly what it is stated in the website. Now i know Singapore is indeed the cheapest car suppliers!

    Yoweri Museveni (Zambia)

    I was quoted by KK scrapyard at $100 for my Latio! So I search on the internet and found http://www.sellanycars.net. At first, I was hesitant on posting my Latio but I still did it in the end and I am so glad that I did. As soon as I posted my Latio, I receive 3 biddings on the very same day. Eventually, I sold my Latio at $1000 to an overseas buyer. Upon confirmation, all I did was drive my car over to their workshop for checking and they took over the car. Highly recommended!!

    Neo Kee Teck

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