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    Magazines basically offer matter regarding different facets, in the same way, automobile magazines feature matter related to the latest trends in automobile industry. The first ever launched automobile magazine was ‘The Horseless Age’ in 1895, that later became the ‘Automotive Industries magazine’. Automobile magazines entertain their audience by featuring new car trials and comparisons, future models speculations, lists of new models with prices, specifications, ratings, auto racing news and results and other relevant data.

    Here are the top 10 popular automobile magazines for cars or motorcyclefans that are known for bringing the best of the best news. Magazines are classified according to news they provide on developments in the automobile industry.
    1. The Automobile Magazine-
    The Automobile Magazine, which printed in almost 44 countries all over the world, stood first in our list. The magazine contains elegantly written articles, with unique information for several antique cars illustrated with original photographs. Along with old cars, new cars are also included in the Magazine. There is a regular column by former General Motors designer Robert Cumberford, who examines elegant features of current production models and show cars, sometimes links their design to those of previous cars.

    2. Auto Express Magazine-
    Auto Express is the UK’s largest-selling weekly magazine, printing more copies every year than any other car mag. To be precise, there is not even single news related to cars section that moves without Auto Express knowledge. This magazine delivers the latest news most quickly and accurately. It also gives notice on any changes in motoring law, methods to drive more cost-effectively and how to avoid costly maintenance mistakes.

    3. 4Wheel and Off Road Magazine-
    4Wheel & Off-Road Magazine dedicated mainly to 4*4 and off-road trucks and SUVs, provide information almost about every vehicle present in the market. From 1994, this monthly issued magazine has moved from show trucks to real-world trucks.

    4. Motor Trend Magazine-
    This American automobile magazine has a monthly circulation and provides its readers with the latest information in automobile industry, along with news, manufacturer details, and new cars added and short article regarding them. This second largest US sale magazine also features other type of articles. There is always a special feature per month.

    5. Luxury Auto Direct Magazine-
    The Luxury Auto Direct Magazine is a publication devoted to the rich automotive lifestyle. The magazine contains articles highlighting the admirable luxury and striking automobiles, motorcycles, yachts and real property. Special features articles are also included on occasion on various unrelated topics including gizmos, watches, ornaments, technology and many other subjects which are usually not comprehended in such auto magazines.

    6. Car and Driver Magazine-
    Car and Driver (CD or C/D) is an American automotive enthusiast magazine. The magazine is renowned for its derisive spirit and nature of “telling it like it is,” mainly in respect to underperforming automobiles. The mag also includes technical details about the cars and also has inside information about the road tests of these talked about cars. There is a website by Car and Driver that features articles, blog and an automobile buyer’s guide.

    7. Road and Track Magazine-
    An America famous magazine, which brings information that people want to know. Road & Track focuses on both production and race cars. The magazine carries all the latest news around the upcoming car models along with all the technological details about these discussed motor vehicles. There are matters often contributed in the magazine by former race car drivers, including Paul Frere and Formula One champion Phil Hill. On that point are also topics associated to travel narratives, book revues, and coverage of international running events.

    8. Top Gear Magazine-
    This BBC owned automobile magazine is named after BBC’s famous show under the same name, Top Gear. The magazine gives detail about latest cars in the World. The primary point of this magazine is its features which normally test the cars and bikes in various environments and talks a lot about driver interactions with the car and not precisely the technical specifications.

    9. Overdrive Magazine-
    Targeted at auto enthusiasts, the Overdrive magazine achieves excellence by keeping its readers informed about every development that happens in the automobile sector. This leading Indian automobile magazine is now on CNBC TV18, CNBC Awaaz and CNN IBN. The current automobile in the market is generally tested and reviewed in this show, followed by answering of viewer queries by auto-experts from Overdrive. The magazine offers its reader with all information regarding vehicles roaming around the Globe today.

    10. Octane Magazine-
    Octane is a monthly published absolute read for all serious vintage car admirers. This automobile magazine bring the latest news about several valuable sports which have not even come up on road till then and are not talked about in many of the other magazines. The magazine features news, road tests and buyers guides of both classic cars and some modern performance cars. There is also an added section in the magazine for sale, showing cars from all around the world.


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