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    No Comments Are our Cars all doomed when it comes to the last day of COE?

    Since we are all Singaporeans, lets skip right to the point when our cars are counting down to the very last day of their COE date (Certificate of Entitlement). We Googled high and low to see where we can go to in order to get the highest price for our Car Body.

    First, you cannot missed out on the LTA (Land Transport Authority) Authorized Scrapyards, the 5 Bombastic Scrapyards. I called them first, I thought surely my Honda Stream worth close to $1000 (Even so, I think it is a ridiculous price for my excellent condition HONDA).

    My Honda Stream was in an almost perfect condition for a 10 year old vehicle, I serviced her regularly, groomed her whenever she was dirty, my tires are new, my rims are shinny and well polished, my leather seats are smoother than my own skin and all in all, it looked more like a 5 YEARS OLD CAR. So i started calling and checking on the prices one month prior my COE expiry date. But by now I am sure you guys probably guessed my outcome. My hopes were utterly dashed, the first scrapyard sounded impatient when I asked for my car body price, she claimed that there is no demand for Honda Stream and the price was at $280. What?! Am i hearing things wrongly? Or she did not know what she was talking about? “YES $250 because currently there is no demand!”

    Gathering enough courage, I started calling the rest of the scrapyards only to realize this is the cold hard fact.

    This  cannot be it.

    I started using Carousell and search for all the exporters I can find online. I thought at least I’m being resourceful and smart enough to sell to exporters, I started messaging everyone i saw in Carousell, hoping to get a much decent price for my precious car. The car that I had spent $250 on just servicing and grooming like 6 months ago. Some asked me for pictures, others asked me for mileage which I politely give it to them. After much effort, the highest offer I get is $450 (ONLY SUBJECTED on my car condition and paint work).

    2008 Honda Stream Commercial Ad

    OH SINGAPORE, the World’s most expensive place to buy a vehicle is also the worst place to be selling your own car when it hits the 10th year mark. This is simply injustice! Even workshop repairs for minor faults easily cost up to few hundred dollars. Now you want to take away my car just by giving me a pathetic $450?!

    GOD HELP ME! I am running out of ways. You know what? Since the Exporters and Scrapyards are so HEARTLESS, I will DEKIT all my car parts and sell it. Surely my Gearbox and Car Engine are worth a bomb, THIS IS HONDA! THE POWER OF DREAMS!

    Come on, take a look at it, it was so glamorous just 10 years ago. I emptied all my savings just to own this car, I struggled every month paying off my monthly installments (I should have just pay my mom more than the car, this is just pathetic) Just when I thought by de-kitting my car parts, I could at least get back some of my well deserved money, I was wrong.

    LTA regulates that all our scrapped cars must retain Engine and Car Chasis Frame. Okay, great, so LTA dont want any other parts but the heart of the car, the most valuable component. I am actually laughing at myself at this point. I am sure there are many others out there going thru the same predicament as I am.

    Should I simply give up this fight just like that?

    Well, I can say at least I tried, maybe not my hardest but enough effort on this. The realization that 20 years ago, Singapore did not change one single tiny bit when comes to car scrapping since the days my dad scrapped his car repulsed me.

    It is undeniably worst now, those days, not many people could afford cars and the number of cars that were scrapping were lesser hence fetching a higher price back in the days. Now, it had just gotten so bad to a point that we car owners had been brain washed that indeed our car are worth so little.

    Hence, I started an online platform

    It is a free car listing platform that enables we car owners to sell our cars directly to overseas buyers (in any part of the world). FREE meaning you do not have to pay a single cent at all, this platform is not here to make money out of us Car Owners but a platform to connect us to the overseas market.

    Our cars are not worthless, we should have additional revenue by now to reach out instead of being exploit by the exporters/middleman/agents.

    20 years had passed, it is time we do something to change how our cars are being scraped for now.

    Advice: Please do post your cars earlier preferably 6 months before scrapping, the overseas buyers can always wait for your date of expiry. This will ensure you have enough time and exposure to sell the cars out to overseas buyers.

    Last but not the least, I eventually sold my Honda Stream to a buyer in Uganda for $1200 Singapore Dollars.


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