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    No Comments Argentina Used Cars Import Procedure and Regulations

    Year Restrictions

    Destination Port
    Buenos Aires

    Time of Shipment
    Container (37-44 Days)

    Vessel Schedule
    Container (Weekly)

    Shipping Line


    Shipping Ports:
    The major shipping port in Argentina is Buenos Aires.

    Left-hand drive vehicles:
    Importation of left hand drive vehicles is allowed in the country.

    Documents required:
    • Owner’s original Passport
    • Original Bill of Lading
    • Original vehicle title and registration
    • Original Purchase Invoice, certified by the Argentine Consulate at origin country
    • Diplomatic Franchise (Diplomats and military personnel)
    • Temporary admission forms, completed and signed by shipper (foreigners holding Temporary Visa)
    • Resident Certificate (issued by the Argentine Consulate in the origin country) must state the duration the shipper has lived abroad.
    • Pre-shipment inspection certificate (Certificado De Pre-Embarque)

    Customs regulations for importation of vehicles:
    • Diplomats are able to import used cars with a Diplomatic Franchise issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs duty free.
    • Returning Argentina citizens may import one used car and/or one used motorcycle only, no more than two vehicles per family is allowed. Argentine citizens possessing a Residence Certificate, issued by the Argentine Consulate from the origin country, and living abroad for more than 2 years can import one car duty free.
    • Foreigners with permanent resident status may import used vehicles only, under the same rules that apply to Argentine citizens returning.
    • Persons with temporary visa may import used cars under temporary admission and will not be charged duties and taxes. The car is only allowed temporary admission for the same period the client has the Visa and can be renewed if the client renews the Visa. The owner should remove the vehicle from Argentina before the visa expires. Vehicle must keep the original plates.

    Duties and taxes:
    • Standard autos 81% of the cost, insurance and freight value (CIF)
    • Diesel 100% CIF
    • Motorcycles 65%


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