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    No Comments Burkina Faso Used Cars Import Procedure and Regulations

    Year Restrictions
    No Age Limit

    Destination Port
    Koudougou and Ouagadougou

    Time of Shipment

    Vessel Schedule

    Shipping Line

    Not Required

    Shipping Ports:
    The major shipping ports in Burkina Faso are Banfora, Kaya, Koudougou and Ouagadougou.

    Left-hand drive vehicles:
    Importation of Left-hand drive vehicles is allowed in the country.

    Documents required for Customs clearance:
    • Original Certificate of Title and Registration
    • Original Commercial/Purchase Invoice
    • Vehicle condition report
    • Original Passport
    • Original Bill of Lading – must be rated
    • Drivers License & International Insurance Policy (green card)
    • Non sale Certificate
    • Diplomatic exemption (diplomats)

    Duties and Taxes:
    Vehicles imported in Burkina Faso are subjected to duties and taxes. The tax on vehicles if imported on temporary basis is approximately 6% of CIF value. For all other vehicles the tax is about 53.22%.


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