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    Japan has acquired the top most spot as the most consistent and reasonable vehicle manufacturing market. While offering used vehicles, Japanese market gives the best combination in price, economy, quality standard and flexibility. Many developing and even developed countries are importing Japanese used vehicles. Like other countries, the Cayman Islands is a major importer of used Japanese vehicles. The Japanese used car market holds a very vast future. Main reasons for the popularity of Japanese vehicles are that they are reliable, high on quality and safe to drive.
    Located in the western Caribbean south of Miami, Florida and west of Jamaica, Cayman Islands is a major importer of used Japanese vehicles. Most of the cars in the country are imported either from Japan or USA. The island is not well developed, neither its auto industry, hence it doesn’t have to do much with the new cars as to maximum population buying a new vehicle is quite pricey. The used car market of the country is dominated by vehicles imported from Japan. Imported vehicles are properly inspected by skilled mechanics and are generally new.

    There is a thriving exchange of used cars in Cayman. The demand for used vehicles in the country is rising immensely as it is the most effective way to get a quality vehicle at a reasonable cost. In the year 2011, around 188 units of used vehicles were imported into the country that rose to 811 units in the year 2014. Out of all Japanese brands, Honda is a popular choice among the buyers followed by Toyota.

    The easy importation of vehicles in the country is another reason for the popularity of vehicles in the country. While importing a used vehicle in the Cayman Islands, the importer should strictly follow all rules and regulations in order to clear customs smoothly. Buyers are allowed to import right hand drive vehicles only in the country. There is no mandatory inspection required on vehicles nor there is any age restriction on vehicles imported.

    Instead of buying new automobiles, residents of the island prefer to buy second-hand vehicles as they get the chance to select any vehicle to their desire at really affordable prices. The nation offers very pleasant and business like atmosphere to foreign traders and is a profitable market to invest.

    Population- 62,206

    Popular car models:-
    Honda Accord, Honda Fit, Nissan Skyline, BMW 3 Series, Toyota Noah, Suzuki Swift, Honda Integra, Toyota Altezza, Mercedes- Benz C-class, Honda CR-V