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    No Comments Cote-Divoire Used Cars Import Procedure and Regulations

    Year Restrictions
    Max. 7 Years Old

    Destination Port

    Time of Shipment
    24-36 Days

    Vessel Schedule
    34-46 Days (RoRo)

    Shipping Line
    OMA Côte d’Ivoire


    Shipping Ports:
    Port of Abidjan and Port of San Pedro are the principal ports of the Country.

    Age Restriction:
    Vehicles older than 7 years cannot be imported.

    Left-Hand Drive Vehicles:
    Importation of left-hand drive vehicles are allowed in the country.

    Documents Required:
    • Original Registration Card
    • OBL (showing net weight of car and chassis number)
    • Non-sale Certificate
    • Change of Residence Certificate / Letter of Transfer
    • Copy of Passport
    • Purchase Invoice

    Duties & Taxes:
    • Duties are approximately 53% of value are assessed by Customs.

    Importing Vehicle:
    • Vehicles cannot be sent in the same container as the household goods and personal effects.
    • Shippers must pay a vehicle registration fee of approximately EUR 690 per vehicle


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