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    Japan is known for producing high quality, reliable vehicles for decades and their reputation for delivering best vehicles has made Japanese cars popular across the world. Dominica has always been a major importer of Japan used cars. The low mileage, excellent quality, and reasonable prices make Japanese used vehicles popular across the country. The ‘Nature Island of the Caribbean’ is situated between two French territories Martinique and Guadeloupe. For many Dominicans buying a new vehicle is not within their financial limits, so they go with used cars.
    Dominicans have always been enthusiasts of Japanese vehicles. Popularity of Japan used cars is in the country due to their impressive specifications, good condition and high quality. Buying a used vehicle is in fact a sensible decision as it helps consumers to escape high car value depreciation as high depreciation of the vehicle occurs during first-second years.

    In 2012, 420 units of used vehicles were imported into the country, which increased to 901 units in the year followed. This clearly shows that the demand for used vehicles in the country is rising. This year also, 215 units of used vehicles from Japan were imported into the country by April. The easy importation of vehicles in the country is another reason that makes used vehicles popular in Dominica.

    The presence of online used cars portals has made the import of used vehicles from Japan an easy process. These portals provide thousands of used car stocks of most reliable and experienced exporters in Japan. It is mandatory for the used vehicle importer to abide by the rules for smooth customs clearance. The country permits importation of only right hand drive vehicles. There is no mandatory inspection on used vehicles imported into Dominica.

    Dominica is a mass of rugged island with peaks, ridges and ravines. Because of the mountainous topography, the country demands resistant and economical vehicles, thus makes Japanese vehicles popular choice. There are various opportunities for the exporters in the used market of Dominica. The dealership in the country is flourishing that in turns increasing people’s inclination towards used vehicles.

    Popular car models:-
    Honda Life, Volkswagen Golf, Suzuki Swift, Toyota Granvia, Land Rover Freelander, Nissan Skyline, Daihatsu Tanto, Toyota Vellfire, Suzuki Wagon-r, Nissan Fuga.