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    Japan is a popular name when it comes to automobiles. People generally prefer to buy a Japanese vehicle as they get a quality vehicle at practical prices. Japanese automakers are known for understanding the taste of automobile buyers very well. Like other countries, Dominican Republic import Japanese vehicles. Dominican Republic is a country in the West Indies that occupies the eastern five-eighths of Hispaniola. The local auto industry of the country is not very vast and developed, thus automobiles from foreign makers enter in the market.
    Countries such as Japan, Korea export large numbers of vehicles to the Dominican Republic. When it comes to Japan, brands such as Toyota, Honda and Nissan are favored choices among Dominicans due to their quality, reliability and ease of obtaining parts. And of Korean brands, Hyundai and Kia are the two brands with the greatest growth in imports over the last few years.

    Japanese vehicles are preferred in the nation as they are economical and extremely durable. On the basis of statistical data provided by the National Association of New and Used Vehicle Importers (Anadive), in the year 2011, the country imported around 57,663 vehicles including both new and used. The maximum shares of the vehicles imported were from Toyota followed by Honda and Ford.

    The majority of vehicles imported into the country are used and for the middle class. Importing a used vehicle in the country is an easy process if the importer follows the specified rules and regulations. Dominican Republic allows the importation of only left-hand drive vehicles whose engine size should be limited to only six cylinders. Importation of all luxury vehicles is prohibited. It is important for the importer to be present in the Dominican Republic for customs clearance of any vehicle.

    The demand for used vehicles in the country is increasing continuously. Previous year only, around 1,985 units of used vehicles were imported into the country that was 1,084 units more than that of the units imported the year before. The topography of the Dominican Republic is generally mountainous, so SUVs such as Subaru Forester are quite preferred. Other vehicles such as the Honda Civic, Nissan March are also common on the roads of the country.

    Population-10.7 million

    Popular car models:-
    Hyundai Sonata, Kia K5, Honda Stream, Kia Lotze, Honda Civic, BMW 3 Series, Honda Accord, Hyundai Avante, Subaru Forester, Nissan March.