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    Guam is the southernmost island of the Marianas archipelago in the western Pacific Ocean. This island nation is one of the not so developed countries in the Oceanic region, so generally vehicles in the country are imported. The local market of the country is dominated by Japanese automakers.
    Light used cars are more popular in the country with models from brands Toyota, Honda, Nissan being the most-liked. According to the report from the Guam Department of Motor Vehicles, maximum percentage of vehicles registered in the country is accounted by compact cars. High-economic vehicles as well as rugged and practical vehicles are popular in the country. As the topography of the country is rugged, SUVs such as Pathfinder, Rogue are quite common on the roads of the country. There are expectations that this year also the demand for vehicles in the country will rise.

    Guam is an Oceania island in the North Pacific Ocean, which import used vehicles from Japan. During the vehicle importation, it is important for the importer to follow the country’s import rules and regulations. The country permits importation of only left hand drive vehicles that match with the country’s safety standards. If any faults are found in the vehicle then necessary repairs should be done before registering a vehicle in the country. Buying a used vehicle is in fact a sensible decision as it helps consumers to escape high car value depreciation as high depreciation of the vehicle occurs during first-second years. Used vehicles are the best alternative to bargain searching costumers who don’t want to buy a new vehicle.

    For the growth of the nation, along with infrastructure development, transportation sector also plays a very vital role. Import of used vehicles, agricultural machinery, spare parts from Japan and other countries is the best option for transportation needs. There are assumptions that the coming years will be positive and enthusiastic for the island nation and the auto industry will become steady and robust.


    Popular used car models:-
    Nissan Skyline, Jaguar X-Type, BMW 5-Series, BMW 7-Series, Honda Stream, Toyota Harrier, BMW 3- Series, Nissan Pathfinder.


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