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    Time and again with their models, Japanese auto manufacturers have proved that they are better than other makers. The main focus of Japanese automakers is always towards customer’s satisfaction. Not only new vehicles, even used automobile sector of the country is famous among masses across the world. People are willing to buy a used vehicle as even though the vehicle is used, but still its overall condition is excellent and they are available at practical prices. These vehicles are popular for less engine trouble and their superb quality. The used car market of Japan has always been bigger and is growing at a much faster pace. Almost all countries across the world import used vehicles from Japan.

    Ireland, an island in the northwest Europe in the North Atlantic Ocean also imports used Japanese vehicles. With the advancement in technology, importing a vehicle from Japan is not a difficult process. Importers just have to follow the regulations to clear customs smoothly. In Ireland, right hand drive vehicles are allowed as driving is done on the left-hand side of the road. If the used vehicle entering in Ireland is 4 years old or more, then it should go through the National Car Test (NCT). This applies even if the vehicle has previously received any test abroad. Out of all brands, Toyota is ruling the streets of Ireland with Vitz, Passo, Corolla being some of the popular models. Along with Toyota, other popular brands in the country are Nissan and Honda.

    On looking at the statistics it is quite clear that the demand for used vehicles is increasing continuously in the country. In the year 2012, only 185 units of used vehicles were imported in the country, which rises to 1,656 units in 2014. The increasing demand of vehicles reflects increase in the spending by the middle class that is growing rapidly. This in turns reflect that the economy of the country is growing and it surely offers a lucrative market for exporters.

    Popular car models:
    Toyota Vitz, Nissan March, Honda Fit, Toyota Passo, Toyota Corolla Spacio, Honda Stream, Toyota Prius, Nissan Silvia, Toyota Sienta, Honda Insight


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