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    No Comments Netherlands Used Cars Import Procedure and Regulations

    Year Restrictions

    Destination Port

    Time of Shipment
    31-41 Days (RoRo)

    Vessel Schedule
    Less than Bi-Monthly (RoRo)

    Shipping Line


    Shipping Ports:
    Port of Amsterdam, Port of Delfzijl, Port of Den Helder, Port of Eemshaven, Port of IJmuiden, Port of Rotterdam, Port of Terneuzen and Port of Vlissingen are the ports of the Country.

    The RDW also operates a number of inspection and testing stations throughout the country. If you have purchased a car, motorcycle or trailer abroad, you must make a number of arrangements before the vehicle can be used on Dutch roads:
    • You must have a Dutch registration number for your vehicle and the associated registration certificate and number plate(s).
    • You must have paid the appropriate road tax.
    • You should have arranged statutory third-party liability insurance for your vehicle.

    Duties & Taxes:
    • If you reside in the Netherlands and drive a vehicle with a foreign registration, you may have to pay a Passenger Car and Motorcycle Tax (BPM) assessment.
    • In the process of Importing a vehicle in Netherlands, the individual must pay 10% MFN Duty and 21% Sales Tax.


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