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    No Comments Switzerland Used Cars Import Procedure and Regulations

    Year Restrictions

    Destination Port
    Geneve and Zurich

    Time of Shipment
    Container (34-41 Days)

    Vessel Schedule
    Container (Weekly)

    Shipping Line


    Shipping Ports:
    Major shipping ports in Switzerland are Geneve and Zurich.

    Left-hand drive vehicles:
    Importation of left-hand drive vehicles is permitted in the country.

    Technical Inspection:
    Used foreign vehicles imported in Switzerland must undergo technical test at the cantonal road traffic office before it can be used on roads.
    A month before the technical inspection, the importer is required to visit the licensing office with the foreign vehicle license, the Form 13.20A, the exhaust test document (Abgaswartungsdokument AWD) and an insurance certificate from a Swiss motor insurer. A customs declaration form showing that the vehicle formed part of the importer’s personal effects on immigration is also required. The technical inspection is done to ensure that the vehicle satisfies Swiss standards for being road worthy.

    Documents to be presented to customs for the assessment:
    • Invoice or contract of sale
    • Vehicle registration document/certificate (even if already cancelled)
    • Proof of identity (passport, identity card, etc.)
    • Import customs declaration
    • Possibly proof of origin from seller


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