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    Trinidad and Tobago makes up a two-island Republic and they are the two most southerly Caribbean islands. It is the third richest country by GDP (PPP) per capita after the United States and Canada in the Americas. For the past many years, Japanese used cars are being imported to Trinidad and Tobago. The main reason for importation of Japan used car is that importation is economical and convenient. Trinidad and Tobago offers a large market for used vehicle dealers.
    The automotive market of the twin island is led by Japanese automakers with Toyota and Nissan being popular car. Toyota and Nissan pickup trucks are well-dominating models in these two Caribbean Islands. As the geographical conditions of the country generally consist of hills and mountains, that’s why pickups are quite popular there. Along with pickups, Trinidadians are very fond of station wagons.

    The Government is emphasizing on providing efficient public transportation system as the infrastructure is developing; roads are buildings in areas where there were no roads before. The new car market of the country is also increasing, but not as fast as the used car market. The used car industry contributes towards country’s achievement of socio-economic goals. The economy of the country is not stable so chances of growth of used car market are high.

    While walking on the roads of Trinidad and Tobago it is common to see a lot of cars. Used vehicles from Japan has contributed a lot towards traffic congestion in the country. From past many years, Japanese used cars are being imported to Trinidad and Tobago in large numbers. The country permits importation of only right hand drive vehicles that do not have diesel engine. Used cars imported should not be more than 6 years old. For vehicles to be used as taxis, they must not be more than 3 years from the date of manufacture. Before vehicle registration in the country, roadworthy inspection of the vehicle must be done. An individual is allowed to import only 1 vehicle every 3 years.

    Not only middle class ones, people from all demographic are buying used vehicles from Japan. As buying a used vehicle is within everyone’s financial limits, so by owning a used vehicle people are not putting themselves in debt, which in turn is beneficial for the country. The used car industry has become a major alternative to higher-priced vehicles from the new automobile sector.

    Demand for used vehicles in the country is rising at a faster pace. In the year 2010, 4,996 units of used vehicles were imported in Trinidad and Tobago which rose to 14,599 units in 2014. An increment of 9, 603 units shows the inclination of buyers towards used Japanese vehicles. On the basis of recent trends it won’t be difficult to analyze that in coming years, the used car market in Trinidad and Tobago will boost up. As the import regulations in the country are not very strict, buyers get many vast choices to select vehicles from. The market offers fair opportunities to Japanese used vehicle exporters to capture and flourish their business.

    Population- 1.344 million

    Popular car models:-
    Daihatsu Esse, BMW Mini Clubman, Suzuki Wagon-r, Chevrolet Tahoe, Suzuki Wagon-r Solio, Toyota pb, Hyundai Starex, Nissan Tiida, Toyota Land cruiser, Nissan Fuga


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