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    No Comments Turkey Used Cars Import Procedure and Regulations

    Year Restrictions
    No Age Limitation

    Destination Port

    Time of Shipment
    29-36 Days

    Vessel Schedule

    Shipping Line


    Shipping Ports:
    Port Istanbul, Port Ambarli, Port Gemlik, Port Samsun, Port Trabzon, Port Iskenderun, Port Mersin and Port Izmir are the ports of the country

    Left Hand Drive:
    Left Hand Drive vehicles are allowed to be import in the country.

    Periodic Motor Vehicle Inspections and Roadworthiness Inspections are both mandatory in Turkey. The tests must be carried out at an authorised test centre. Vehicles that have not had the relevant test carried out may not be driven on the roads, and the owner may incur severe penalties. TÜVTURK is the only company authorised to carry out the inspection and roadworthiness tests.

    Documents Required:
    • Commercial Invoice
    • Certificate of Origin
    • Bill of Lading
    • Proforma Invoices
    • An insurance policy
    • The passport

    Importing A Vehicle:
    • The importation of the old, used, renovated, faulty goods requires the receipt of an official permission from the Ministry of Economy..
    • As for vehicle importation, Letter of Conformity drafted with regard to the controls of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology or the institution duly authorized by the Ministry has to be submitted to the competent customs authority during the registration of customs declarations.
    • The importation of the used construction vehicles are subject to the receipt of permission by the Ministry of Economy for any used vehicle.
    • If you are normally resident outside Turkey, you may import your vehicle which is registered abroad under relief and use it in Turkey. This is laid down in customs provisions and vehicle taxation legislation. The period during which the vehicle may be used is limited to twenty four months.
    • Persons who are resident in a territory other than Turkey can import their vehicles for private use.
    • It is not possible for a person who is a resident in Turkey to import a vehicle from abroad temporarily.
    • The vehicles brought along within the scope of private use should be registered in your passport.
    • Returning Nationals & Diplomats must be returning permanently and the vehicle must not be more than 3 years old when purchased.


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