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    Our Testimonials

    Salim Saleh (Tanzania) – 06/01/2017
    I am very glad to received my car i bought from Singapore through sellanycars. The car is in a good condition. Indeed sellanycars is a best sellers of the cars because first all transactions is well secured no one can interrupt, their cars are in a good conditions. I prefer to use sellanycars in the near future to buy another car, Thank you very much!!

    Richard Nduhura (Tanzania) – 06/01/2017
    The transaction on the sellanycars platform was excellent .The seller was always prompt with responses to my questions. I am satisfied with the platform. Thank you and keep it up!

    Seezi Mbaguta (Kenya) – 07/01/2017
    The transaction through sellanycars was smooth without any hitches. I negotiated with the seller and agreed on the final price. I paid for the car through sellanycars and their associates which is secure. Thank you sellanycars. I look forward to purchasing another vehicle through you in future. Thank you

    Simon D’Ujanga (Aruba) – 07/01/2017

    I find the sellanycars website to be user-friendly and I love the chat icon which appears while you are browsing the site. I did chat with a few representatives regarding my payment. They were helpful but they needed to improve their response time. It took some of them more than a few minutes before answering my questions. They needed to work on their empathy as well. But I was satisfied with their answers after each chat. I was pleased with Customer Support and their prompt responses to my messages. I appreciate their courteousness and assistance to make sure that I communicated with the seller to ensure a smooth and successful transaction. I love the fact I was able to negotiate the price with the seller. I highly recommend this website to anyone here who wishes to purchase a vehicle from Singapore. I will use sellanycars again to import my next vehicle. I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you!!!!

    Ruhakana (Uganda) – 08/01/2017

    The car purchased is good just as seen in the pictures.

    Samuel Kutesa (Bahamas) – 08/01/2017

    The transaction was very smooth, however I didn’t receive the spare tire neither a jack for it.

    Isanga (Kenya) – 08/01/2017

    It is secure and reliable

    Simon Ejua (Tanzania) – 08/01/2017

    I was pleased that my transaction with sellanycars was very safe and secure.

    Serapio Chekamondo (Uganda) – 08/01/2017

    I take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent service. The car came as it was in the description and in very good condition.You are doing good and keep up. The only issue is that the rear electric door is not opening when I press key on the remote and on the car.I will have it checked may be its a fuse. I am very satisfied and soon I will get another unit from you.

    Rukundo Rukia (Bahamas) – 09/01/2017

    Nice car

    Shimit Amin (Tonga) – 09/01/2017

    I am happy about the services provided everything was done professional

    Stephen Mallinga (Zimbabwe) – 09/01/2017

    Payment is secure.

    Sudhir Ruparelia (Kenya) – 18/01/2017
    I think my transaction was quite smooth.