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    Our Testimonials

    Sulaiman Madada( Zimbabwe) – 18/01/2017
    Transaction went smoothly seller is reliable and honest

    Syda Bbumba (New Zealand) – 19/01/2017
    sellanycars is the best website that you can get quality cars on the best price than local price. I recommend this website to to everyone who can’t afford $10,000

    Simon Lokodo (Germany) – 19/01/2017
    I bought 2 cars, using your platform. Only yesterday I was little surprised, that a car what I have paid two weeks ago was newly offered by sellanycars. But I think that was a system failure. I informed customer service right away and the stock was canceld immediatly.

    Odong (Cyprus) – 20/01/2017
    Thank you very much ,satisfied with the car.

    Pyarali Merali (Saint Lucia) – 21/01/2017
    I was very satisfied with the transaction on sellanycars because of the very efficient and reliable service that it offers to customers.This is the second vehicle I have ordered on sellanycars because the services it offers are valid. I will certainly continue to do more business on sellanycars and recommend it to other potential customers. May you continue to keep up the good work and I would like to wish you lots of success in your future undertakings

    Omara Atubo (Malawi) – 21/01/2017
    Very accomodative transaction. The seller very flexible and responded to all enquires timely.

    Perez (Kenya) – 21/01/2017
    Transactions using sellanycars are secure and efficient. I received my car in good time and condition. This was the second time I was using sellanycars and I am looking forward to future transactions. Thank you.

    Kamunanwire (Zambia) – 21/01/2017
    Thank you very much… I received the car safely

    Ojwok (United Kingdom) – 26/01/2017
    I used this site first time and i highly recommended for any new customers too. Safety and easy to manage.

    Patrick Etolu (Tanzania) – 26/01/2017
    Thanks Team for your support and great customer care,I really enjoyed doing business with you and what I can promise sellanycars Team is that I will recommend sellanycars even to other people who wants to archive their dream by driving their dream car..!Thanks once again ??God bless you

    Paulo Muwanga (Wallis and Futuna Islands) – 29/01/2017

    Norbert Mao (Zambia) – 01/02/2017
    The car was delivered in good time,had no problems with the seller but i was not happy with the condition of the came with wornout tyres.There was also no wheel spanner. But generally the car is in a good state.

    Nsaba Buturo (Zambia) – 01/02/2017
    Am very impressed with this Benz. The car came very neat and intact. It took 14 days to arrive in Tanzania, which was too quick. I wont hesitate to recommend anyone to transact with sellanycars. Thank you sellanycars.

    Peter Lokeris (Saint Kitts and Nevis) – 01/02/2017
    This my site to purchase vehicles. This was the second vehicle i bought within the past two year and I am now looking at a third. Site is easy and great to select and purchase the car of your choice. i rate this site 5 Stars of 5 stars

    Okello Oculi (Tanzania) –01/02/2017
    Excellent services, keep it up

    Olara Otunnu (Malawi) – 02/02/2017
    At first I was frustrated after sellanycars cancelled the contract to the seller I had chosen the car from. I was given two options, to be refunded the money net of bank charges or chose another car. I chose another car but the price was higher than my initial car. I negotiated for the price and sent an additional amount to settle the invoice at the agreed price. The company did not disappoint me; they delivered to my expectation and I am so thankful

    Phiona Mutesi( Zambia) – 03/02/2017
    All I can say is this is a genuine car trading site. I received my car in good shape and I did not want to leave any feedback before I tested the car. I got my car a year ago and have had no problems since then.

    Okot p’Bitek (Tanzania) – 03/02/2017
    Was nice to trade with sellanycars

    Pumla Kisosonkole  (Kenya) – 03/02/2017
    The transaction was smooth

    Janet (New Zealand) – 04/02/2017
    imported my car from Singapore to new zealand. the car i bought is the same as the car that was on the picture.although you have to translate the auction sheet by yourself im still satisfied.

    Museveni (Uganda) – 04/02/2017
    Transaction was safe and secure. They provided chat room to allow you to maintain contact with the seller which is great and they also give you tips to spot if the seller is a fraud.

    Jeje Odongo (South Sudan) – 04/02/2017
    nice to do business with you people

    Jennifer (Germany) – 05/02/2017
    It’s the first car I bought through sellanycars, it always wanted a Toyota bB but wanted to do the import on my own. sellanycars is easy to use and makes it possible to buy a car almost easy like buying a book online. Fully recommend it and it and won’t be my last transaction through sellanycars

    Namuyangu (Malawi) – 05/02/2017

    sellanycars should among others, consider adding Car Status/Tracker (on website via email account) on the purchased vehicle. This should be updated as and when necessary to help customers know whether booking of ship or loading and departure of the ship has taken place. This will also reduce the anxiety in customers on the status of the purchased cars after sellanycars confirms receipt of the money.

    Kahinda Otafiire (Zimbabwe) – 05/02/2017
    The transaction was hastle free, and knowing that there’s money back guarantee in case you don’t get your car puts your mind at ease. There’s a wide selection of cars to satisfy different budgets. I would recommend anyone to buy cars on sellanycars

    Kakira  (Zambia) – 08/02/2017
    The facilities on the site make it easy to communicate with sellers in a timely fashion making transactions quick and easy especially when communicating in different languages. Overall I am satisfied with my purchase and would happily recommend sellanycars to anyone. My only request is that sellers provide more accurate shipping information or give access to free website that can accurately track vessels carrying the purchased vehicle, the shipping date of arrival at dar es salaam given to me was for 22nd July, however, the vessel actually arrived in dar on the 28th of July.