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    Our Testimonials

    Jessica (Alupo  Kenya) – 08/02/2017
    Overall overview splendid and satisfied with all services.Thanks.

    Kabalega (United Kingdom) – 08/02/2017
    Use of sellanycars protects the buyer and seller from possible fraud. Excellent service for internet transactions.

    Kamanda Bataringaya (New Zealand) – 08/02/2017
    Web site is easy and clear to follow. Easy to find the vehicle type you are looking for.

    Ken Lukyamuzi (Uganda) – 09/02/2017
    Transaction was okay though the company delayed to shop the vehicle but my major concern was on the rims and the tyres they are totally different with the original pics they put on the website so is it possible

    Kiddu Makubuya (Congo) – 10/02/2017
    I really like the car i purchased from sellanycars. The design of it reach my expectations. The only thing sellanycars needs to improve is about logistics services, specially for car with final destination DRC.

    Kizza Besigye (Zambia) – 10/02/2017
    Transaction was awesome and has been.

    John Akii-Bua (Zimbabwe) – 08/01/2017
    Am just very happy

    John Byabagambi (Myanmar) – 10/02/2017
    Feeling secured by using sellanycars.

    Matthew (Congo) – 10/02/2017
    Satisfied in negotiations and delivery time.

    Michael Kawalya Kagwa (Zambia) – 11/02/2017
    Hello, I bought a car but unbeknown to me, the car had a engine knock even though it went through JEVIC and was certified good. I sincerely doubt the integrity of the inspection. Regards

    John Nasasira (Solomon Islands) – 11/02/2017
    Save , secure and reliable.

    Mahmood Mamdani( Bahamas) – 11/02/2017
    I like sellanycars the money transaction is safe, the website is easy to navigate the sellers are friendly and quickto respond they are very helpful. Cars could be bargained or bought cheap. There is a agent that helps out 24 hours a day to explained what needed to be done or what is your next step. Over all I am very pleased with the services offered at sellanycars. Thank you.

    Martin Stephen (Zambia) – 11/02/2017
    All was very smoothly done and the machine was clean and without faults at all.

    Egonda Ntende (Zambia) – 12/02/2017
    Transaction is secured and safe. Looking forward for more business.

    Matia Kasaija (Zambia) – 13/02/2017
    not very happy with the whole transaction as the seller lyed about the car to be in perfect condition yet the car is overheating, one foglight is missing, it has issues with the funbet. i need to be compasated for this!

    Maria (Mozambique) – 14/02/2017

    Mildred Barya (Tanzania) – 14/02/2017

    James Munange Ogoola (Cayman Islands) – 14/02/2017
    The car came earlier than expected and it had a few scratches not from shipping that wasn’t mentioned but besides that everything is perfect. I love my new car!!

    James Wapakhabulo (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines) – 14/02/2017
    Very pleased with sellanycars service, much appreciated. This car works and runs great.

    Milton Obote (Tanzania) – 15/02/2017
    Thanks I have received my bus but there is no wheel spanner and Jack but the bus arrived safely. I need another bus from your company I liked the your service.

    Miria Obote (Canada) – 15/02/2017
    The transaction was very smooth and shipment was fast. Ship arrived ahead of schedule and car was as described.

    Moses Ndiema Kipsiro( Zimbabwe) – 15/02/2017
    This is my 3rd car from sellanycars and no regrets.

    Muhammad Kibirige( Malawi) – 16/02/2017
    It was great, no complaint

    Mayanja (Saint Lucia) – 16/02/2017
    I bought a Toyota Coaster from Ryuso Banking through sellanycars by negotiating with lee and we came to a fix price which I was happy about.After sending the money the next day I got a reply from Lee that the money came through sellanycars account, so he would do the Inspection test and start the booking of the Vehicle with the shipping company, at that time I felt at ease and said here’s a man who’s in a hurry to do business, after seven weeks I receive the vehicle,took it home and started cleaning and working on the suspension Bushing rubbers to get it back in working condition. thank you Lee and sellanycars

    Jessica Eriyo (Kenya) – 16/02/2017
    sellanycars is one of the best one stop shop for all my car needs. I got a quality and clean honda fit.

    Muljibhai Madhvani (Zambia) – 18/02/2017
    It was an excellent transaction

    John Ssebaana Kizito (Saint Lucia) – 18/02/2017
    The transaction went smoothly. The seller was able to respond in a timely manner. The site is easy to navigate. And sellanycars are always available to assist in the decision process.

    John Wilson (Tanzania) – 18/02/2017
    Try to service your car where possible, because most your car need intensive maintenance before using them, so it cost a lot

    Mustafa Bonaire (Sint Eustatius and Saba) – 18/02/2017
    It was great no problem what so every with my car i would definitely buy more cars on sellanycars

    Mutesa Buganda (Uganda) – 19/02/2017
    Reliable service and timely

    Joseph Mulenga (Zimbabwe) – 19/02/2017
    I received my car Radio not working rear bumper scrateched front bumper scratched this was not on the website pictures of the car