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    Our Testimonials

    Buganda (Bahamas) – 22/02/2017

    Thank you very much for the best price and good good quality car I truly say the best company to do business with.Please my regards to the dealer the communication back and forth. Was very good and pleasant so I look forward in doing more business with you.

    James Baba (Bahamas) – 22/02/2017
    I am totally impressed with this site. They make sure that your transactions and interactions with the seller are secure. They sell quality cars at an affordable price, and my beautiful first car arrived on the exact day that they promised it would! Would definitely recommend them.

    Joseph (Netherlands Antilles) – 22/02/2017
    Very good service and very clean cars in sellanycars for buyers

    Rukutana (Antigua and Barbuda) – 22/02/2017
    Our Church and school needed a good quality bus that was not expensive to purchase and operate. We searched many sites and companies and finally decided to buy through sellanycars. The thing about buying a vehicle via the internet is the uncertainty that you will not be scammed by fake sites and/or sellers. sellanycars silences many of those fears by providing a safe and money back system that provides peace of mind. They seem to have the buyers best interest at heart. Very good experience. Thanks sellanycars.

    Nattubu Tsekoko (Uganda) – 23/02/2017
    Thanks sellanycars very much, it was my first time to buy on line but you fulfilled my expectation 110%. Everything was as promised on the website, online customer service was awesome, I recommend everyone to use sellanycars, my first time impression was great. The car itself is in top form thanks guys

    Kony ( Zambia)– 24/02/2017
    When the seller fails to ship and the refund is required the seller should bear cost of all bank charges the buyer had sent the money with plus all the cost of refund. and the seller be fined to compensate the buyer for time/resource wastage

    Luwum ( Congo)– 24/02/2017

    It was my first time to deal with sellanycars

    Mwesigwa (Mozambique) – 24/02/2017
    I am very happy with sellanycars

    Adety (Ireland) – 24/02/2017
    First time I buy a car by sellanycars I found it reliable and secure and good staff members and you can negotiations with them and deal with them till the last minutes I really recommend sellanycars good company thank you.

    Janani (Saint Kitts and Nevis) – 25/02/2017
    Safe payment was King

    Mutagamba (Tanzania) – 25/02/2017
    Payment was 100% secured.

    Adrisi (Tanzania) – 25/02/2017
    secure transaction

    Lukwiya (Bahamas) – 26/02/2017
    This site was easy to navigate and the seller responded quickly.The car came quickly and looked better than described.I’m happy with this purchase and will be purchasing again soon.

    Omwony (Zambia) – 27/02/2017
    Excellent customer relations.

    Perezi (Fiji) – 28/02/2017
    I bought a Honda Vezel from a car dealer on sellanycars. Once I had received the car I figured there were few things not right. 1. The advertisement promised fully functional car audio system however that didnt work at all. 2. Noticed that the clockspring/spiral cable in the steering wheel as broken 3. No air bags in front steering wheel. I was continuously messaging and receiving messages from the seller regarding resolving these issues untill the messaging service expired notification came and I could no longer liaise with seller on the pending issues.The seller was obviously using delaying tatics to get away with this. Note due to the issues I had NOT pressed the received item when I received the car because I wanted seller to resolve these issues first before I confirm. I am not happy why sellanycars released payment to seller when I hadnt pressed ‘ received item’.