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    Our Testimonials

    Ahabwe (Uganda) – 28/02/2017
    I like buying cars from sellanycars as the dealers are good at communication and they allow us to negotiate. This means that even with a small amount of money I can afford to buy a car from sellanycars. In 2016 I bought a Dhaihatsu hijet 1997 and a Corona Premio 2001. So I hope to buy more cars in 2017 as I am a transporter of people and goods in Uganda. I expect more discounts, updates, cheaper cars in good condition and more communication.

    Latek (Malawi) – 28/02/2017
    It was my first time to deal with sellanycars. My interaction with sellanycars has been very good. I will be recommending my friends who want to buy a car to sellanycars. The staff are very professional an always eager to assist.

    Rugunda (Saint Lucia) – 28/02/2017
    Bought this car. The exterior is as described. The engine is no good from day one. I messaged sellanycars so they could help in anyway possible. They began to help through the help desk and then went silent. Contacting the shipper is useless. I have not been able to use the car from the day I received it. It requires a new engine. With the silence and not willing to help I conclude the shipper especially is very dishonest and i would not recommend them to anyone. If things should change as it relates to my case I would write a more favourable feedback. I still hope that honesty and good will prevail to renew my hope in care view. In addition my many friends faith also in the company. Many want to buy from the company but they are waiting to see the outcome of my case.

    Rukia (Bahamas) – 28/02/2017
    Awesome transaction and options!! A must use for purchasing vehicles quickly and safely!! Thanks again sellanycars

    Serapio (Saint Kitts and Nevis) – 28/02/2017
    The customer service was excellent and the car arrived within the given time with necessary updates. It was in the condition as described and everything was clean and running well. Thanks sellanycars!

    Nduhura (Uganda) – 28/02/2017
    The Transaction on sellanycars was secure and fast.

    Dominica(Uganda) –03/03/2017
    i must confess that the vehicle is looking great and engine works well. However, I was disappointed that the suspension rubbers had to be changed as well as the car battery but most disappointingly is the rear lights. The right side rear light was changed and the replacement was a wrong one. I now must find the correct light for the back. Disappointed.

    Gabriel Opio (Zambia) –03/03/2017
    sellanycars is reliable and you can buy good quality vehicles, also when purchasing a car your money is secured. The transaction is always good.

    Wambuzi (Tanzania) –03/03/2017
    Feeling much secure to do transactions on sellanycars since there is 100% security of your fund and guarantee for refund of your money in case of anything to the unit purchased. James

    Henry Bagiire (Zambia) –03/03/2017
    Doing business through sellanycars is the most safest way of buying a vehicle. One is assured of getting the right car advertised.

    Galdino Moro Okello (Tanzania) –04/03/2017
    sellanycars should try to find out viable strategies that will protect both the seller and the buyer. At present,there are some loopholes that dishonest sellers use to trick buyers with no any legal enforcement or punishment inflicted upon them by sellanycars. Overall, sellanycars is the best online marketplace in Singapore. I recommend it to other buyers

    Kanyeihamba (Tanzania) –05/03/2017
    Thank you for giving me time to say my opinion. At the beginning things went as expected. After payment things changed.It seems the seller sell the sold item to someone else and they didn’t want to be honest. After forcing them to tell the truth finale they gave me non-sense excuses. Then after I choose another unit from a different seller (Safari Direct). This seller deserves a golden medal. I would like to advise you when it comes to the issue like what happened to me, the seller should be responsible and not a customer.

    Geoffrey Oryema (Malawi) –05/03/2017
    My transaction was so nice with zero strass because of sellanycars help and my payment was also secure and Promise to continue doing business with sellanycars