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    Our Testimonials

    Charles (New Zealand) –19/03/2017
    The car was in excellent condition when received, and is a pleasure to drive.

    Fred Omach (Tanzania) –19/03/2017
    Satisfied to shop with you

    Benjamin (Burundi) –19/03/2017
    Good bisiness

    Charles Mbire (Zambia) –20/03/2017
    This is my second car from sellanycars, i would encourage everyone looking to buy a car to buy only from sellanycars because quality, safety and reliability are guaranteed.

    Ezra Suruma (Uganda) –21/03/2017
    transaction was smooth, i made payments by TT from my local bank in Uganda, after 2 days the money was reflected on sellanycars account, which made the seller to quickly arrange shipment, my Unit arrived safely in perfect condition. am glad.

    Christine Kitumba( Ireland) –21/03/2017
    Yes, highly recommended website , i am a happy Customer

    Bakabulindi (Malawi) –21/03/2017
    The first reason is Security of your investment, the messaging system where sellanycars has visibility give a sense of security to the buyer. The second on is that, sellanycars sells quality cars. Areas you can improve include 1. Find good HD cameras for capturing the vehicle’s being sold. 2. Capture all details of the car e.g HID lights,1000kgs,Number of Doors,listing period 3. Include the things mentioned above on the Android app, coz I also use the App 4. Reprimand sellers that want to control the buyer, let buyers have freedom of accepting or denying the offer

    Crispus (Bahamas) –22/03/2017
    i loved the cars i gotten from sellanycars so far….and it was very easy and simple an i highly recommend this site to all my friends and family…these are two of my recent purchases and my personal cars…. and once again…thank you

    Daudi Migereko (Malawi) –22/03/2017
    It is very good car but not what I exactly wanted or ordered. Next time please send me the correct item.

    Kiyonga (Uganda) –22/03/2017
    Mighty sellanycars is a good seller.Highly recommended.The only problem was when attaching the documents,they took photos of some of the documents and were not clear.This caused a bit of tension. Next time please scan and send all original documents. PDF Format is good enough.Otherwise Car was as good as advertised,Communication was good and in time,Price was fair.Keep it up

    Fred Mukisa (Kenya) –23/03/2017
    sellanycars is a safe place to purchase a car. The security of the money is guaranteed. I purchased the a Nissan AD through sellanycars and it was shipped and directly arrived as scheduled. If you decide to buy through sellanycars never accept any negotiations that are not through sellanycars.

    David Oyite-Ojok (Zimbabwe) –24/03/2017
    Transaction is very good,keep it up guys

    Emmanuel (Congo) –25/03/2017
    I am satisfied with this purchase of vehicle operation I performed with sellanycars. My impression is positive being Sales Manager of a Congolese company said Jews Trading import of vehicles. To all our customer I still reassures once sellanycars is a safe company that makes the best to be to satisfy .

    Bazilio  (Congo ) –26/03/2017
    .I’m happy with all my purchases at sellanycars, my money is secure, my correspondence is secure and all documents and invoices are secure. In addition sellanycars has the best qualities of cars. sellanycars is my home because it respects delivery and treats its customers with respect. Thank you very much .

    Betty Bigombe (Czech Republic) –26/03/2017
    car is in great shape, communication with dealer was also without any problem. great deal 🙂

    Emmanuel Otala (Zambia) –27/03/2017
    The search engine for cars is very easy and the sellers are trust worthy.

    Olara-Okello (Tanzania) –27/03/2017
    My unit is so good ,i really suggest other custom to purchase car through this company

    Francis Butagira (Reunion) –27/03/2017
    Very Good !

    Beatrice Wabudeya (Kenya) –28/03/2017
    I like the transactions on sellanycars because I feel confident that my money is safe and I am sure of the Car delivery.

    Chameleone (Saint Kitts and Nevis) –28/03/2017
    Transaction was easy. Seller was very pleasant and patient.

    Fred Ruhindi( Zambia) –28/03/2017
    Reliable and trusted.

    Kategaya (Bahamas) –29/03/2017
    The process was swift and easy. Very safe and secured. I will most definitely be back!

    Nnaggenda-Musana (Congo) –29/03/2017
    Just to say Thank you to sellanycars. When i start the dream and today i’m verry happy the see my dream on live. The car came on time, safely and like i saw the car on pictures everything is on good conditions. Again Thank you

    David Wakinona (Malawi) –30/03/2017
    Efficient and reliable than none.

    Eriya (United Kingdom) –01/04/2017
    Very happy with the service from sellanycars. The car I bought arrived as described and I’m very pleased with it.

    Kamuntu (Bahamas) –01/04/2017
    Great website to communicate with sellers. I would defiantly use sellanycars again

    Ephraim (South Sudan) –03/04/2017
    Overall i am satisfied with the whole buying process and the vehicle. The only one issue i am not satisfied about is the fact that no photo was taken to show that the car does not have a radio/am,fm. During the process of purchasing, i asked about the same but was not given a direct answer. Otherwise everything else is as expected. . Thankyou too sellanycars for ensuring that you follow up with the sellers to deliver on their obligation

    Kajuga  (Tanzania) –03/04/2017
    Wide range of selection…reasonable prices and big stock

    Begumisa (Spain) –03/04/2017
    Wonderful site

    Adongo (Zambia) –04/04/2017
    the transaction was transparent from end to end. very satisfied with the service

    Kamoga (Tanzania) –04/04/2017
    My item is very nice and reliable, that I have Driven it 1000 km from the port with no problem

    Bikutwala (Saint Lucia) –04/04/2017
    Being a first buyer on sellanycars, I can truly say that I was impressed with their system of doing business and I am truly happy with my purchase! I intend to do alot more business with sellanycars as this has all been a rewarding experience for me! Thanks again!

    Enani (Mozambique) –05/04/2017
    happy to have negotiated with sellanycars, and the car is in perfect conditions.

    Karutunda (Tanzania) –05/04/2017
    My transaction was smooth thanks to sellanycars for making sure my transactions were safe and for the free that made me receive a quality car as specified by the seller and was very cooperative in the whole process of the transaction and my clearing Agents Walmax freight Fowarders in Tanzania.

    Kabilito( Bahamas) –06/04/2017
    My experience with sellanycars was excellent! Every step of ordering the car was straight forward I had no issues atall! Communication with the seller was excellent! The transferring was good! And when I received the car it was Amazing! The exact same car no different! Clean and secured! I’m a first time buyer won’t have no problem ordering from this site again! Thanks. Car was in excellent condition!! Happy Customer!

    Acanit (Uganda) –07/04/2017
    Amazingly the car arrived fast, and was more than i expected, thanks the Checking service on sellanycars.