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    Kacancu (Bahamas) –07/04/2017
    sellanycars is the best it was my first time buying a car online and they made it feel safe,the cars are beautiful they keep you informed and updated the live online support is so helpful its great thank you sellanycars I’m happy and looking forward to buying some more cars from you this is coming all the way from Bahamas

    Kigongo (Bahamas) –07/04/2017
    Overall, Poor service. This is the worst experience I have ever had in purchasing a car. Please don’t waste your money or time.

    Hiryangana (Zimbabwe) –08/04/2017
    Good day Team Your service is good I can’t complain .It is only that the seller needs to be told to deliver the vehicle with everything which we saw on the pictures that’s all .But your service is good.

    Galabba (Tanzania) –08/04/2017
    Transaction is very secured.

    Dembe (Zimbabwe) –09/04/2017
    I was much satisfied by the car i bought through sellanycars. The car is on top condition and it worthed the price.

    Brahma (Uganda) –10/04/2017
    I think it was more than good, as my first online Transaction i was at first kind of scared of receiving a wrong account number but because the email system is secure i was 50% confident. when i proved through the bank that it is the actual account number , i gained confidence, but i was very happy with information and communication given was 100% correct. Im so grateful.

    Kisembo (Kenya) –11/04/2017
    This is my second time purchasing a vehicle from sellanycars and I can confidently say that the experience has been great. I recently managed to get a good deal while purchasing a Toyota Hilux Surf and I am extremely satisfied!

    Gwandoya (Kenya)–11/04/2017
    Everything is good. The only problem is that sellers keep information from the buyer, for example, rust or corrosion, failing transmission etc…

    Irumba (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)–11/04/2017
    Thank you for supplying me with this nice vehicle.the whole transaction was efficient and satisfying. i felt safe doing business with your company, and was satisfied with the quality of vehicle i received.It was just as i would have seen and bought through your company clean,low mileage and in good working condition.Attach is a photo of the vehicle been loving it thank you. Best regards

    Guatemala (Zambia)–12/04/2017
    i have had a good experience with sellanycars. My car is now clocking two years without problems. Thanks Seruting and sellanycars for a quality car.

    Ekellot (Tanzania)–12/04/2017
    Everything is reliable very nice car at reliable price. Communication is greater. I recommend friends to trade with sellanycars.

    Matt (New Zealand)–13/04/2017
    Great service ! Very trustable site

    Bategeka (Zimbabwe)–13/04/2017
    i was so happy with the whole process and the car was very nice and in perfect condition exactly as it was described on the sellanycars website. will definately be doing more business with sellanycars in future and would definately recommend them to anyone from Zimbabwe. Much Love

    Byaitaka (Aruba)–14/04/2017
    I Buy From sellanycars for client and myself I love how they help you with checking car and shipping Im From Aruba I always buy car form them ,!

    Karwana (Zimbabwe)–14/04/2017
    Thanks have received the and its a good items. Thank once again

    Ejau (Zambia)–14/04/2017
    The car was good and delivered on time as per schedule given.

    Byanruhanga (New Zealand)–15/04/2017
    Easy as ordering pizza online. I’m already ordering another one.

    Ekellot (Tanzania)–15/04/2017
    The car is perfect and running perfectly

    Emojung (Zimbabwe)–16/04/2017
    sellanycars Thank you for the awesome cars:VW Polo is our first car because of wonderful service we got previously my family is so happy to have bought a Nissan Blue Bird Sylphy from you again.Both cars are in excellent condition. Keep it up

    Byangireeka (Tonga) –17/04/2017
    Car arrived and is in condition as stated on website, pleased with purchase

    Engemu (Antigua and Barbuda)–17/04/2017
    Very professional

    Alanyo (Bahamas)–18/04/2017
    sellanycars is a good company I’m about to purchase my third vehicle….. Very easy to buy and the staff are very helpful and concerned about any issues u have they keep a safety line between you and the seller…thanks sellanycars

    Gonza (Mozambique)–18/04/2017
    All was 100% perfect.

    Hiryangana (Zambia)–19/04/2017
    Buying a car through this web of sellanycars is the best, my money is secured, they check the car for me if it is the same car advertised or not, so you have a lot of choices to choose, so don’t gamble buy using sellanycars, Continue doing the good job guys

    Balinda (Tanzania)–20/04/2017
    I very much liked the service I received, it satisfies me to extent I shall return here to buy the next car. The car I bought looks good as new! Keep it up

    Angorit (Germany)–20/04/2017
    Thank you for this excellent transparent internet platform to purchase cars from the Singapore market. Most of the selling companies are very good in their business.

    Alikuraira (Zimbabwe)–24/04/2017
    sellanycars approach is quite professional. They respond early to questions and our car was as per the description& pictures. I suggests extra care when dealing with those who will be buying through the internet for the first time.

    Kabonesa (Uganda)–25/04/2017

    Kato (Mozambique)–26/04/2017
    No complains, everything was very quick and perfect.

    AjaruvaIsabirye (Mozambique)–26/04/2017
    I’m grateful to the purchase and all the procedure on the negotiations.

    Jimiyu (Congo)–27/04/2017
    The sellanycars is very good company, because they make everything in security. When you buy a car and the sales change idea they refund you your money and same amount who they was receive from you. They call and talk to theme customers every time, and inform the shipping progress for vehicles. Please try to buy from sellanycarsand you will see when you received your vehicles in her condition who you was find in theme website. Best regards and i am still buy from sellanycars

    Kabilito (Malawi)–28/04/2017
    Everything about sellanycars is perfect.

    Katuramu (Tanzania)–29/04/2017

    Kigongo (Zimbabwe)–01/05/2017
    The transaction was swift and I did not encounter any problems at all

    Mukwaya (Congo)– 01/05/2017

    No comment, sellanycars is among the best

    Kafabusa (Tanzania)– 02/05/2017
    The transaction was very secure and reliable,thanks to good customer care and safety assurance

    Yoweri (Trinidad and Tobago)– 02/05/2017
    Great site, this was my first online purchase was scared but after dealing with the seller and sellanycars, I would highly recommend. Good job guys keep it up!

    Lule (Bahamas)– 02/05/2017
    I LOVE MY CAR! i bought it from sellanycars, and the communication was good, the car is almost in immaculate condition. Only problem I had was that it took sometime for me to get the car, but other than that it was smooth sailing! Thank you sellanycars for assisting me and giving an excellent product.

    Kabwegyere (Antigua and Barbuda)– 03/05/2017
    I am generally pleased with the handling of the shipment and the outcome as I received exactly what I saw online.

    Tito (Mozambique)– 03/05/2017
    Dear sellanycars I serve this to thank for business I did with you, since I got the car and loved it so much, she is very comfortable hope that we continued to do together this business. Best regards

    Raska (Cayman Islands)– 03/05/2017
    Would recommend this website to anyone..its very trust worthy & great customer service! Thank you 🙂 ps. pleased customer

    Saleh  (Zambia)– 04/05/2017
    Bought a car with sellanycars for the second time and again was disappointed with the condition of the car. Wasted a lot of money getting the car home since it had a lot of problems and had to look for a truck to get the car home. sellanycars need to do something to protect its customers so that they keep on buying from them and refer new customers too. this car I bought even the seller knew the condition but but it seems it was like being dumped but I need to get value for my money

    Nduhura (Antigua and Barbuda)– 05/05/2017
    This is my second purchase and both transactions were secure with quality purchase.

    Seezi (Bahamas)– 06/05/2017
    It was fast and easy. The seller worked with my budget and we negotiated a price. I was also glad to know that my payment was secured until I received my item. sellanycars is awesome and I’ll definitely recommend it and use it again in the future.

    Simon (Tanzania)– 07/05/2017
    It was one of the smoothest International Transaction ever made, sellanycars is the site/company to recommend to any one who wish to import Car. The car is fantastic and every detail described on the wall is true. Looking forward for my next import soonest.

    Serapio  (Tanzania)– 07/05/2017
    sellanycars is the best company since I bought my car very smoothly. The process was very nice, I received my car in a given time. Thank you so much sellanycars for the nice services you provide. You are untouchable..!

    Sudhir (Tanzania)– 07/05/2017
    Transactions on sellanycars are transparent and straight forward. When doing business with sellanycars you can relax

    Rukia (Zimbabwe)– 08/05/2017
    Best transaction ever

    Samuel (Ireland)– 08/05/2017
    The website was a perfect market place. The chat system creates confidence immediately you start negotiations. Payment is easy and the number of cars available makes your choices abundant. I will definitely use the website again.

    Stephen (Zimbabwe)– 09/05/2017
    Knowing that my payment was secure with sellanycars put my mind at ease. On top I got a good quality car.

    Sulaiman (Tanzania)– 09/05/2017
    It is not my first time to buy car from Japan, but sincerely it is my first time to use sellanycars The service was excellent and the communication was polite and response to questions where rapid. Thanks for make it easy and fast, tha invoice, documents and shipping was in time than expected. The condition of the car is similar to what was seen on pictures and descriptions in the sellanycars. I am promising to continue to do business with you in the near future. The service qas superbly.

    Syda (Mozambique)– 09/05/2017
    Very nice…

    Lokodo (Bahamas)– 10/05/2017
    The transaction was great. sellanycars answered any questions i had.

    Atubo (Mozambique)– 10/05/2017
    I am very happy with sellanycars.

    Mao (Tanzania)– 10/05/2017
    Being my first time buying a car from Singapore and is something I would certainly recommend to everyone with similar need, including buying from Meteor. The service was excellent and the communication was polite and responses to questions where rapid. Thank you for make it easy, the document, changed some details to my invoice was quickly than expected. In terms of the car, the condition of the car is similar to what was seen on pictures, I also had a great support and the MD of WALMAX Tanzania make the clearance work easily and quickly than expected, will highly recommend you all.