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    Usama Mukwaya (Uganda) – 03/01/2017   
    When i first saw I dont believe the prices online. I thought it was a scam. But knowing that if i pay via paypal, i can refund back my money, i decided to give it a try. You wont believe it, the car prices are real. And i received my car in good condition. I have been buying from japanese site for the past years and i will definitely buy it from Singapore now. Maybe because Singapore road is too good, the car condition and price is too good to be true!

    Raska Lukwiya (South Sudan) – 07/01/2017
    sellanycars is the answer if you want a used car from Singapore

    Werikhe Kafabusa (Uganda) – 03/01/2017
    The car is sooo amazing, the vendor was very very polite and sincere. The car I actually received was much better in reality than it was on paper. I was a little hesitant to pay for the $99 Bid price but turn out I’m so happy with my purchase. I save so much buying from Singapore than in Japan. But shipment wise is longer than Japan though. However it is worth the wait.

    Yoweri Museveni (Zambia) – 04/01/2017
    The communication was good and i got the exact car i ordered. I was a little skeptical about the prices at first. It is way too cheap compared to Japan sites but to my surprise, i paid for exactly what it is stated in the website. Now i know Singapore is indeed the cheapest car suppliers!

    Yusuf Lule (Zambia) – 04/01/2017
    It was great doing business on this platform and there is room for improvement for clients to get the best deals.

    Tarsis Kabwegyere (Congo) – 04/01/2017
    sellanycars is a site that I recently started using and I have very good experience, an excellent testimony for sellanycars.